In Memoriam - Jack McLain

Our fellow patriot Jack McLain, Florida State Party Vice-Chairman, stepped off the field of this life and into eternity in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ on Saturday, July 25th. Jack’s online obituary can be found at the Taylor & Modeen Funeral Home site. I encourage all who have been touched by his life and work to sign the online memory book. Please pray that the Holy Spirit comfort his wife Lois and their family, and that He fill their hearts with rejoicing: Jack is now with his Savior.

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CP-Ga Supports Revolutionary War Action-Adventure Film

The premiere night was a success with 173 attendees!  After a satisfying theater run Beyond the Mask will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 8.  Constitution Party of Georgia supporters can pre-order the movie at a 20% discount (the party does not benefit from sales).

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CP-Ga Lauds Moore for Calling Granade’s Legal Bluff

February 9, 2015
Contact: Ricardo Davis, 404-620-2440

ATLANTA, GA – The Constitution Party of Georgia stands with Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore in his actions to uphold the rule of law by calling Federal District Judge Granade’s legal bluff.

State Chairman Ricardo Davis noted, “Moore’s publicly available letter to the Probate Judges was a straightforward and readable explanation of Granade’s actions and the law related to the Probate Judge. The bottom line: Granade’s order and subsequent clarification did not direct the state officials who are charged with the responsibility of issuing marriage licenses to do anything. The injunction only applies to the sole defendant in the case, the Alabama Attorney General.”

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The Constitution Party of Georgia Fights for Your Full Voting Rights

“The right to vote embraces not only a voter’s access to the ballot, but also his access to alternative viewpoints and positions presented on the ballot.”

We all may agree with the court ruling quoted above, but the fact is we live in a political and legal world dominated by two "major" parties which appear to be doing all they can to make it more difficult to secure the right to vote. The Constitution Party of Georgia is involved in a legal fight for your full right to vote, rights that have already been won in Tennessee and other states.

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Constitution Party Supports Chick-Fil-A Stand on Marriage

Rebekah_Davis on WSB-TVOutside a Cobb County Chick-fil-A, a representative from a conservative Christian group told Davis she supports the biblical definition of marriage and family and Cathy.

“We believe he should be able to express that without other groups coming in and trying to, you know, hurt his business,” said Rebekah Davis of the Constitution Party of Georgia...

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