CDMedia Interview - Curling Trial Update with Ricardo Davis, Tamara & Garland Favorito January 14, 2024

The Georgia 2024 Show hosts L. Todd Wood and Bill Quinn interview Garland Favorito and Ricardo Davis regarding the latest on the Curling v. Raffensperger Federal trial (starts at 57:06).

Interview with Ricardo, Tamara and Garland

Doug Wilson: Tenured Historians of the Golden Calf

Doug WilsonPastor Doug Wilson addresses the shibboleth of the "separation of church and state."  State Chairman Ricardo Davis noted, "would that more church leaders spoke with this level of clarity about the issues at stake."

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If a man were to undertake a proof that triangles had three sides, and he was making heavy weather in getting his point across, there would be several possibilities that we would need to consider. One would be that he was simply a terrible teacher. Another possibility would be that there were powerful interests conspiring against him, funded in a big way by George Soros. Let’s go with that one.

With those basic alternatives in mind, and taking the appropriate lesson from them, let us review now some of the basic issues that have for far too long bumfuzzled the American public when it comes to the foundational questions surrounding church and state. This shouldn’t be hard, but somehow it is hard anyway, and perhaps it has been the excessive sensitivity and nuance that I have historically been wont to use.

So let us go over these issues, shall we? And let us deal with the logic of the thing first, and the American history of it after that.

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Doug Wilson: Ghastly Simplicity

Doug WilsonDoug Wilson tackles how the talk of death and resurrection relates to American politics and body politic.  State Chairman Ricardo Davis recommended this as an Easter message with direct application to current challenges of American culture.

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Some things cannot be said without presupposing other things. All words require a speaker. All laws require a legislature. All design presupposes a designer. All morality assumes a standard.

And this means that America can have no salvation without a Savior. And His name is Jesus.

In order to do anything, or to be able to receive anything, we must be able to stand somewhere. And where we must stand is on the earth God created, and we must do so as one of His creatures.

God is the God of causation. God is the God of preconditions. God is the God of prerequisites. God is the God of cause and effect, supply and demand, and all necessary and sufficient conditions. God is the God of seed time and harvest. God is the God of B following A.

Our God is the God of the sine qua non.

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