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Astute citizens across Georgia who revere the timeless principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution have seen the erosion of our Republic accelerate in recent days. We championed the sanctity of human life.  We toiled to preserve the Bill of Rights,  We engaged to protect our local and state economy from the impact of globalization on jobs and wages. We sought to protect our nation against foreign invasion. We advocated stopping unconstitutional spending by a debt-ridden government full of corruption.  But we have seen that the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties are committed to frustrating our efforts. Our actions to change course from within these organizations has failed to reverse the trend.

Nationally, the Constitution Party is growing; activists and elected officials at the state and local level are proving their commitment to honor God, defend the family, and restore the Republic.  Join us today and help us make this vision reality here in Georgia!

Those who meet the following qualifications for membership are welcome to join:

  1. A registered voter in the State of Georgia
  2. Agree in principle with the platform of the Constitution Party of Georgia
  3. Resign any membership or official role(s) in another political party organization

If you have an account then you can check your membership status by signing in then clicking the Account Settings link at the bottom of this page. 

Your membership can be paid monthly or annually.  Please choose a membership option:

 If you have questions then please call CP-Ga Support at (404) 994-3586 or send a message.

If you have donated to the Constitution Party National Committee we thank you for the support.  Your membership with the Constitution Party of Georgia advances the party's efforts exclusively in Georgia, organizing political activities and local party groups across the state.