State Party Platform

Platform of the Constitution Party of Georgia
Ratified in the State Convention by the Delegates Assembled
February 10, 2012 A.D.


We, the members of the Constitution Party of Georgia, in order to set forth the principles upon which this party is founded, and to articulate those issues about which this party is now duly concerned, and in order to direct the officers and members of this party regarding the actions to be taken related to those issues, do ordain this platform.

In so doing we acknowledge, and fear the God of the Bible as the Creator, Supreme Judge, Lawgiver and King. We solemnly declare that the foundation of our political position and motivating principle of our political activity is our full submission and unshakable faith in our Savior and Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, the principles and the platform of our party are rightly derived from Biblical presuppositions.

We acknowledge the legacy of our Founding Fathers who believed that “a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles” is essential to securing liberty and good government. We further acknowledge our heritage as a Christian nation as confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court when it ruled in 1892 “…that our laws and our institutions must be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of Mankind…” It is confirmed by human experience and evidenced by history that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

We hereby look to Him for wisdom, guidance, boldness, compassion, humility, and endurance as we seek to restore and preserve our communities and our nation. We acknowledge the fallen condition of the human race and look to Jesus Christ as our only hope for personal and cultural salvation.

The Constitution Party of Georgia holds candidates accountable to this platform in their policies and the execution of their responsibilities.

“If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterward defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair; the event is in the hand of God!”
-George Washington


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