Education: Our Creator has assigned to parents the authority and duty of educating children. All teaching is related to fundamental assumptions about God and man, and cannot be separated from religion. Therefore we support the separation of school and state, "freedom of conscience in education" legislation, and the operation of home schools and private schools. The Federal Government has no constitutional jurisdiction over the education of children. Therefore we support the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education, and we oppose all Federal intrusion in education through subsidies, programs, national teacher certification, goals, guidelines, or any other means.

Health Care: Government regulated and subsidized health care is unconstitutional and threatens both the quality and availability of medical care, treatment and supplies. We support the deregulation of health care.

Homosexuality: We oppose state-sanctioned homosexual marriage, “civil unions”, child adoption and special minority status. We oppose any legislation that restricts the right to express the Biblical position on homosexuality. We oppose the use of special minority rights to indoctrinate children in the homosexual lifestyle within the government school systems.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities: It is the God-given duty of parents to feed, educate, clothe, and discipline their children. We are opposed to governmental assumption of any of these responsibilities or infringement on the right of parents to fulfill them.

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