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    A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

    Jay Bhattacharya
    Stanford University

    Jay BhattacharyaJay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, where he received both an M.D. and a Ph.D. in economics. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and director of the Stanford Center on the Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. A co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, his research has been published in economics, statistics, legal, medical, public health, and health policy journals.

    The following is adapted from a panel presentation on October 9, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, at a Hillsdale College Free Market Forum.

    My goal today is, first, to present the facts about how deadly COVID-19 actually is; second, to present the facts about who is at risk from COVID; third, to present some facts about how deadly the widespread lockdowns have been; and fourth, to recommend a shift in public policy.

    1. The COVID-19 Fatality Rate

    In discussing the deadliness of COVID, we need to distinguish COVID cases from COVID infections. A lot of fear and confusion has resulted from failing to understand the difference.

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    Poll Watcher/Monitor Volunteer Signup

    Integral to the maintenance of a free republic is citizen involvement in elections.  In the spirit of "trust but verify" every community needs citizens who volunteer to ensure that elections are conducted in a lawful manner.  As an alternative political party the Constitution Party of Georgia is positioned to assist in keeping the Secretary of State-Elections Division and Boards of Elections (whose members are appointed by the GOP and Democrat parties) accountable to their constituents by being an independent monitor.

    2008recountMNAnyone can publicly observe elections activity.  There is no preparation or training needed to observe.  Observers cannot engage in campaigning or advocacy with voters nor interrupt or impede the activities of the election workers.  Observers must remain in the public observation area at all times where elections activity is taking place.

    Poll watchers (at the precinct polls and tabulation centers) and monitors (for audits, recounts, etc.) are trained volunteers who are credentialed by a political party and/or candidate to more closely observe election activities.  They work within the area where elections activity is taking place, observing and reporting any legitimate issues of concern. They cannot interfere with the activities of elections workers, their primary task is to gather information and report.

    By signing this form you are requesting to be a poll watcher/monitor on behalf of the Constitution Party of Georgia.  You will be assigned based on your availability and location.  In the Comments section below let us know if you prefer local assignments or would be willing to drive to other counties in your area.

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    Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 09:00 AM · 121 rsvps
    CP-Ga Teleconference

    November 2021 Statewide Tele-Town Hall Meeting

    The monthly statewide Tele-Town Halls are public events where persons interested in the party can hear about the party's history and activities here in Georgia, and learn how to get involved.

    This month's statewide Tele-Town Hall will provide an update on party activities here in Georgia, as well as commentary on current political topics such as election integrity, immigration, religious liberty, gun control, surveillance, taxation and debt.  Activists from around the state will give updates on what the party is doing.  But most importantly this will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the party.  

    With the growing discontent with the two-party establishment, concerned voters are seeking out the Constitution Party.  This is an opportunity for supporters and activists to introduce friends and family to the party. 

    RSVP today!  Once you register you will be emailed the conference call information.


    To speed up the process for next time activate your account and log in for one-click RSVPs.  If your email address is available then we will email you a RSVP confirmation.  If you don't receive the confirmation email review the Event Communication Help page.

    If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom Conferencing please join the test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom before joining the meeting.

    It is important that you check your attendee name in Zoom Conferencing before joining the call.  You can provide your name before you join the meeting or change it after you join the meeting.  If you are joining via phone then you must call in from the same number used when you registered for the event.  If we cannot identify you by name or phone number then while you are in the Zoom Conference waiting room you will either be contacted via Zoom chat or text message by a meeting assistant to confirm your identity.

    Once you have connected to the meeting please mute your audio to keep background noise down.  Click this link to review the Zoom Conferencing attendee controls:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/200941109-Attendee-controls-in-a-meeting.

    During the question and answer time please use Zoom Conferencing "raise hand" option:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205566129-Raising-your-hand-in-a-webinar.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 06:30 PM · 1 rsvp

    November 2021 Cherokee County Party Monthly Meeting

    Imagine a political party where you and other fellow patriots share a common understanding of the nature and purpose of civil government.  Imagine working with and supporting a political party where honoring God in how things get done is as important as the goals to achieve.  Imagine freedom from supporting lesser evils, compromising your core principles, and winner's regret.

    Welcome Home to the Constitution Party!

    The monthly Constitution Party - Cherokee County meeting is held on the third Tuesdays of the month and is open to all who are interested in learning more about the party and supporting our goals.  Meetings feature presentations that will educate and provide avenues for political action.  If you're looking for a debate club or conspiracy theory huddle then this meeting is not for you.  During our activism session members are involved in the process of political action - nobody sits on the sidelines!  We welcome patriots willing to dedicate themselves to united action to impact our city, county, and state governments.

    Save time during your registration and RSVP today via the web.  You will also be given opportunity to start or renew your membership with a couple of clicks.


    6:30 – 7:00 p.m.


    7:00 – 7:30 p.m.

       Party Overview
       Current Events Briefing

    7:30 – 8:40 p.m.

       Activism Session
       Volunteer Assignments

    8:45 p.m. 



    Holly Springs Community CenterNote:  The Holly Springs Train Depot/Community Center is near the intersection of Main Street/Holly Springs Parkway and Hickory Road next to the railroad tracks.  Be aware that  some GPS/mapping systems incorrectly place the address further east on Hickory Road.

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    5 Steps To A Political Epiphany

    Pastor Cary Gordon illustrates his political epiphany in 5 short videos. Party founder Howard Phillips had a similar epiphany and realized that his part in the solution was to build a party whose strategy would be undergirded by honoring God's Law in the political sphere. The Constitution Party of Georgia is accomplishing this by focusing on local politics and government. 

    Take the first step to see how people realize that something is wrong...

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    Election Integrity Update - 10/30/2021

    An Evening with GarlandOn last Saturday’s Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito updated us on VoterGA’s response to the State of Georgia’s motion to dismiss in our lawsuit against the State of Georgia to ban the Dominion voting system.  He discussed the legal arguments of the response, as well as our new initiative to push for a multi-county Georgia election audit.  Use the link below to view the October 30th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family, the recording is available for 30 days after the meeting.

    Meeting Recording Link:  CP-GA Election Integrity Update 10/30/2021
    Access Passcode:  uR&j68TG

    I provided an update on the CP-GA’s efforts to mobilize and train poll watchers to serve in Fulton County.  I look forward to expanding this effort statewide in 2022.

    We also heard updates from the VoterGA Election Integrity Outreach team on the Mountain Moonshine Festival last weekend as well as upcoming events.

    Bonnie and Kip have extended an invitation to all patriots in the area to join them for this fall’s Ye Ol’ Oyster and Burger Roast at their home in Tucker on Saturday evening, November 6thRSVP now to join in the fun and fresh oysters!

    On the November 6th Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET hosted by the CP-GA Garland Favorito and other activists will be available to answer your questions about efforts to advance election integrity in Georgia.  Just text EIU20211106 to (404) 994-3586 quickly register.  You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the website.

    You should get a RSVP confirmation with the Zoom Conferencing info and helpful tips.  If you provide your email address but dont get a confirmation email within a few minutes of registering, check your email provider's Spam or Junk folders.  If the email message isn't there, then check the Zoom Meetings Help page for assistance.

    With a vision of victory,


    Ricardo Davis
    State Chairman
    Constitution Party of Georgia
    (404) 620-2440

    P.S. Now that VoterGA and Rep. Philip Singleton have sued the State of Georgia to stop using the illegal ballot marking device (BMD) voting systems from Dominion, we need to urge our representatives and senators to call for a special session to replace them! Use this link to sign.  Share with fellow concerned Georgians:  https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/dump_illegal_dominion_bmds.

    P.P.S.  Please help us spread the word about the related Support and Demand for Court Protection of Citizens’ Elective Franchise petition by using this link to invite your concerned friends and family:  www.OperationPatriotVote.com.  Over 400 citizens have signed this legal petition that will be filed in court.  Thanks for your support

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  • Election Integrity Update - 7/31/2021

    Garland Interview on Real America's VoiceOn the July 31st Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito spoke to over 120 attendees with an updates on the Fulton County ballot inspection case and David Cross stepped through how he and fellow volunteers analyzed Fulton County ballot batches to find serious problems.  They responded to questions from the attendees, and a number of volunteers stepped forward to help David and team review other counties.  Use the link below to view the July 24th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or you would like to share with friends and family.

    Meeting Recording Link: CP-GA Election Integrity Update 7/31/2021
    Access Passcode: eK30F&2F

    If you want to help the election integrity work of VoterGA as Garland and the team for their in-depth inspection of Fulton County ballot, please consider a tax-deductible donation to VoterGA as they work to advance transparency in Georgia's elections.

    Given the success of the Woodstock Independence Parade and Festival, Rosemarie Parrish is helping election integrity supporters coordinate additional efforts to bring election integrity news to communities across Georgia through participation in local festivals and parades this summer and fall.  If you're interested in helping as a volunteer or providing resources then please contact Rosemarie at [email protected]

    On the August 7th Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET, Garland Favorito and other election integrity activists will be available to answer your questions as Garland updates us on the Fulton County Ballot Inspection case and more.  Just text EIU08072021 to (404) 994-3586 quickly register.  You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the website.

    You should get a RSVP confirmation with the Zoom Conferencing info, a calendar link or file, and helpful tips.  If you provide your email address but don't get a confirmation email within a few minutes of registering, check your email provider's Spam or Junk folders.  If the email message isn't there then check the Zoom Meetings Help page for assistance.

    Please copy the links above and share with those you know who are concerned and want news on elections integrity.

    With a vision of victory,


    Ricardo Davis
    State Chairman
    Constitution Party of Georgia
    (404) 620-2440

    P.S.  The Attorney General Chris Carr “Vote of No Confidence Petition is one way to hold the powerful accountable for opposing election transparency.  We are 92% of the way to our goal, keep sharing and promoting it so we can reach 2000 signatures and hand-deliver a strong message.

    P.P.S.  If you are able, please chip in $10 or more today so the CP-GA can cover the cost of the meetings and election integrity campaigns to keep up the fight for election integrity here in Georgia.  Checking the "Monthly" option is an extra boost.

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  • Sign the Petition - AG Chris Carr Vote of "No Confidence"

    AG Chris Carr Vote of No ConfidenceOn April 2nd Attorney General (AG) Chris Carr submitted an amicus brief on behalf of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claiming Georgians have no right to inspect cast ballots for potential election fraud!

    Carr’s brief falsely argues that claims of those seeking to inspect ballots are “baseless” despite sworn affidavits from senior poll managers who contend they handled counterfeit ballots while serving as auditors during the Fulton County hand count audit.

    In addition the brief falsely argues there was no unlawful activity at the State Farm Arena the night of November 3rd despite recorded video evidence showing multiple violations of Georgia election law!

    In his brief Carr’s brief attempts to wrongfully intimidate those who seek to inspect ballots by implying they would be committing a felony while inspecting ballots under a court order, and falsely attempts to criminalize inspection of ballots by citizens under a court order by misinterpreting Georgia law that applies only during an election.

    Why does Carr disregard the Equal Protection and Due Process rights of Georgians in favor of vote counting secrecy?  His actions directly conflicts with the fundamental principles of election integrity including verifiability, auditability, recount capability and transparency!

    Carr is running for re-election in 2022, sign the “Vote of No Confidence” petition and send him message today!

    Click here:  https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/chris_carr_vote_of_no_confidence

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  • Garland Favorito on Newsmax / Greg Kelly Reports March 17

    CP-GA Elections Director Garland Favorito was on Newsmax with Greg Kelly March 17, 2021 updating the nation on the Fulton County ballot inspection lawsuit! View it here:

    Garland Favorito on Greg Kelly Reports - March 17, 2021

    Garland will provide updates and answer your questions live at the next Election Integrity Update this Saturday, March 20 at 9 a.m. RSVP today at https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/election_integrity_update_20210320
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  • Legislative Update - 3/8/2021

    Garland Favorito-PressConferenceSince HB 531 has passed the House it will be handled next by the Senate Ethics Committee.  This bill is favored to pass and currently has no elections transparency provisions, which are needed to prevent the alleged election fraud that occurred in the November 2020 general election.  The Senate Ethics Committee members need to hear from you now!  Let the senators know you support the amendments recommended by VOTER-GA that address the following election integrity issues:

    • Ballots and ballot images are publicly available (per 2019 VOTER-GA SAFE Voting Commission recommendations
    • Election management system images are publicly available by allowing any ten electors to request an image from a county elections director for independent forensic exams

    In addition Section 26 of the bill must be removed as it prohibits the Secretary of State from extending certification deadlines to allow for a hand count audit must be removed.  This type of audit is critical to ensure the accuracy of the Dominion voting system and would justify an extension if needed. (O.G.G.A. 21-2-493)

    We can't let legislators ignore our concerns. Please click to call, email, and video message the members of the Senate Ethics Committee now!

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