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    Monday, May 20, 2024 at 05:00 PM

    Building Local Election Integrity Task Forces

    Election Integrity Network Partners

    The Constitution Party of Georgia has been an Election Integrity Network (EIN) Partner since 2022, and supports the EIN's goal of building a network of local citizen coalitions to ensure the integrity of Georgia's elections. If you are interested and want to learn how important local task forces are to election integrity efforts and how easy it is to start one, then please attend EIN's Building Local Task Forces National Working Group seminar.

    To register and join, click here.


    1. Introduction of the "BLT" Working Group
    Joshua Taylor, Election Integrity Network Regional Director and Chair of the Building Local Task Forces National Working Group

    2. Local Task Forces as the Building Blocks for Election Integrity Nationwide
    Lynn Taylor, EIN Chairman

    3. How to Start, Maintain, and Grow a Local Task Force
    Kerri Toloczko, EIN National Networks Director

    Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 06:30 PM · 1 rsvp
    Impact Ministry Center in Holly Springs, GA

    May 2024 Cherokee County Party Monthly Meeting

    Imagine a political party where you and other fellow patriots share a common understanding of the nature and purpose of civil government.  Imagine working with and supporting a political party where honoring God in how things get done is as important as the goals to achieve.  Imagine freedom from supporting lesser evils, compromising your core principles, and winner's regret.

    Welcome Home to the Constitution Party!

    The monthly Constitution Party - Cherokee County meeting is held on the third Tuesdays of the month and is open to all who are interested in learning more about the party and supporting our goals.  Meetings feature presentations that will educate and provide avenues for political action.  If you're looking for a debate club or conspiracy theory huddle then this meeting is not for you.  During our activism session members are involved in the process of political action - nobody sits on the sidelines!  We welcome patriots willing to dedicate themselves to united action to impact our city, county, and state governments.

    NOTICE:  The Holly Springs Community Center/Train Station will be closed for renovations until further notice, and the meetings will be held at the Impact Ministry Center, one mile north on Holly Springs Parkway.

    Save time during your registration and RSVP today via the web.  You will also be given opportunity to start or renew your membership with a couple of clicks.


    6:30 – 7:00 p.m.


    7:00 – 7:30 p.m.

       Party Overview
       Current Events Briefing

    7:30 – 8:40 p.m.

       Activism Session
       Volunteer Assignments

    8:45 p.m. 



    Impact Ministry CenterNote:  The Impact Ministry Center is south of I-575 Exit 14 on Holly Springs Parkway in the Mountain Brook Retail Center next to the Pizza Hut/Wing Street.

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    Election Integrity Update - 5/18/2024

    Catherine EnglebrechtOn last Saturday’s Election Integrity Update Catherine Englebrecht gave us an update from True the Vote and projects that we can all jump into: Scan. Check. Protect. to facilitate checking our voter registration in any state, IV3 to help keep voter rolls accurate, and the 611 Project to respond to non-citizen voting. 

    Garland Favorito reported from the Georgia GOP State Convention in Columbus where he offered a sold-out seminar on Georgia’s 2024 Landmark Legislative Achievements and presented VoterGA’s Legislative Awards.  Click here for a short video on VoterGA’s 2024 Achievements, or What Have We Done to Secure the 2024 Elections.  

    We also talked about Ed Lindsey's resignation from the State Election Board, his replacement by Janelle King, and the political hit job uncovered by VoterGA in the House District 81 Primary race.  Tamara Favorito spoke to us about the American Freedom Alliance World War III Xi Conference, which due to technical difficulties we’ll continue at a later date.   

    Use the link below to view the May 18th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family. The recording is available 14 days after the meeting. 


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  • Statewide Tele-Town Hall - 5/11/2024

    Georgia State Election Board Member Dr. Janice JohnstonMay 8 was Governor Kemp’s deadline to sign or veto the bills passed during the 2024 legislative session into law.  On last Saturday’s Tele-town Hall, Georgia’s State Freedom Caucus Director Mallory Staples reported on the fate of bills impacting our liberties, and I provided an update on the successful outcome of our Make Georgia the Election Integrity Leader campaign.  David Ellerbrock introduced us to Project Appleseed and their goal to promote civic responsibility through the teaching of colonial history and the American tradition of rifle marksmanship. Click here for a list of their upcoming events in Georgia. 

    David Cross discussed last week’s State Election Board (SEB) meetings, especially the outcome of complaint SEB2023-025. Despite finding over 140 violations of state election law, the SEB refused to refer the case to the Attorney General for investigation and the chairman ruled two motions to reconsider out of order.  David Hancock spoke about some promising rules changes to the election certification process discussed during the SEB meeting. 

    Use the link below to view the May 11th Statewide Tele-Town Hall if you missed it or want to share with friends and family.  The recording will be available for 14 days after the call. 

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  • Election Integrity Update - 5/4/2024

    Garland Favorito at State Election Board MeetingOn last Saturday’s Election Integrity Update, we discussed the upcoming State Election Board meeting, particularly the Rossi/Moncla complaint that is expected to be heard and David Cross informed us about some of the proposed rules and rules amendments.  

    Attorney David Oles joined us with an update on the status of the Catoosa County GOP candidate qualification cases, one of which will be heard on May 7th.  Also, Julie Adams spoke to us about vulnerable voters and what we can do to protect them. 

    Use the link below to view the May 4th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family. The recording is available 14 days after the meeting. 

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