Liberty (Self-Government)

Character and Moral Conduct: True liberty, which is set in Jesus Christ, is the fruit of the virtuous character and moral conduct of a people and their leaders. We call on and expect all public officials as well as our own members and candidates to demonstrate the utmost godly character in both public and private life.

Pornography: Pornography and its social ills connected with it provide an innately negative and unhealthy effect on the family, church, and nation. The purpose of the First Amendment was to allow citizens the freedom to address the policies and practices of government, not to aid in the degradation of American culture. Therefore we support laws making it a criminal offense to distribute or display pornography.

Civil Rights: Unalienable rights come from God. We oppose the creation of man-made "civil" rights based on group status or behavior, because they invariably deny the true and unalienable rights of others.

Gun Control: The right to bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, is inherent in the right of self-defense, defense of the family, and defense against tyranny. Existing laws placed against this fundamental right are unconstitutional and should be repealed.

Power of Juries: We call for legislation to require judges to instruct juries as to the full scope of their powers, including the power to judge the laws in question and the right to consider all evidence that they may deem pertinent to determining a proper verdict.

Privacy: We oppose any law that enables unconstitutional supervision of or collection of information on private citizens by any jurisdiction of civil government. Any effort to number and monitor citizens through a national I.D. system violates privacy and civil liberty.

Religious Freedom: Personal religious freedom and the public acknowledgment of God form the cornerstone of American liberty and the foundation of our political institutions. Religious rights and obligations must be protected, whether exercised individually or collectively. The Church has both the right and the responsibility to address all moral issues, politicized or not and therefore must be protected from state influence or control through taxation or tax status.

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