American Sovereignty

Language: We believe that a single language is necessary for unity. We support legislation to establish American English as the official language of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States.

Immigration: In order for citizens to serve responsibly as guardians of our constitutional form of government, we call for a return to the practice of disqualifying for admission to the U.S. all persons having criminal histories, immoral lifestyles, or beliefs hostile to our form of government. We also call for an end to the bestowing of U.S. citizenship on children born to illegal aliens in this country. We call for the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, under state or local custody to their native land.

National Defense: A primary purpose of the federal government is to provide for the defense of the states. We call for the maintenance of a strong, state-of-the-art land, sea, air and space-based defense system. We oppose the committing of U.S. forces to serve under any flag but that of the U.S.A. We oppose placing women in combat units.
New World Order/One World Government: Nationhood is a blessing and the basic building block of a stable world order. We call upon Georgia’s federal legislators to oppose the transfer of governing authority to international agencies, alliances and treaty organizations as a dangerous step toward global tyranny; and call for an end to U.S. funding of the United Nations.

Trade and Tariffs: We support fair trade, not unlimited free trade. We call upon Georgia’s federal legislators to support the constitutional use of tariffs on foreign companies and products to fund the legitimate constitutional expenses of the federal government, support the elimination of most favored nation trade status, and oppose GATT, NAFTA, the WTO, and all other agreements in which authority over US trade, copyright, and patent policy is transferred from Congress to any other entity.

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