Crime: Protecting citizens from crime is a fundamental purpose of local government. We oppose the federalization of crime and law enforcement as an unwise and unconstitutional centralization of power. We support capital and corporal punishment, restitution, and a judicial system that recognizes the rights of victims and the rights of the accused.

Environment: As God’s appointed steward, man has the responsibility to care for the earth and to use its resources wisely. We support scientifically valid efforts to preserve the environment, but we reject costly and unwarranted government regulation. We affirm the constitutional provisions that protect private property from being taken for public use or preservation without just compensation.

Land Use: We oppose federal purchases of private lands and the further designation of federal lands as wilderness, road less areas, national monuments or any other classifications which remove lands from productive use. We call for the return of federal forest lands and range lands to the states, under whose jurisdiction they properly belong.

Property Taxes: We believe that the right of individuals to own property is God-given. Property taxes are tantamount to rental payments and thus imply state ownership of the land. We call for an end to property taxes, and, in the meantime, support legislation that allows only real property owners to vote on levies and bonds that would increase property taxes.

Water Rights: Water rights are an integral part of property rights. Their use, allocation, or transfer must not be impeded without due process. Public agencies must be precluded from purchasing or otherwise collecting agricultural water-right allocations. We oppose the removal of hydroelectric dams and the metering of privately owned wells.

Welfare and Poverty: We are opposed to government welfare programs. We support Christian charity and family free-enterprise as the best means of reducing and preventing poverty. Responsibility for the care of the truly needy rests with individuals, churches and other private organizations.

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