Statewide Tele-Town Hall - 10/8/2022

Sheriff Richard MackOn this week’s Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) Statewide Tele-Town Hall Sheriff Richard Mack spoke about the sheriff’s duty in investigating election fraud and how to get our sheriffs involved in investigations to protect the integrity of our elections.  For more information on the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association or to order their resources for activists, visit  To give a donation in appreciation, go to and add Richard Mack in the Donation Note.  We will send the sum along with a Thank You card from our Georgia supporters!

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Election Integrity Update - 10/01/2022

Problem with Fulton County School Board RaceOn the October 1st Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito reviewed the details of the 2022 Fulton County School District 7 contest and the importance of candidate Phil Chen’s election challenge in advancing election integrity in Fulton County.  Garland reminded us that outright lies by election officials about election integrity efforts must be persuasively rebutted. To that point, he dealt with misrepresentations of State Election Board member Matthew Mashburn at the Board’s September meeting regarding our court case with Rep. Singleton to ban the Dominion Voting System, and shared the complaint he filed with the Board Chairman fact-checking Matthew’s statements.  Garland also addressed concerns regarding how to best cast our votes in the General Election in case efforts to invalidate the use of Dominion’s ballot marking devices are not immediately successful.

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Election Integrity Update - 9/24/2022

Garland Favorito - What Do You Mean No 2020 Election Fraud - GA
On the last Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito answered the question, “What do you mean there was no 2020 election fraud?” by presenting a summary of investigations and evidence in the battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan.  The twenty-minute presentation provided astounding information that will be published in an upcoming news report.  We’ll provide the link on when available.  Garland also provided an update on the recent lawsuit in Fulton County, Pennsylvania and he debunked the claims of alleged malfeasance by Coffee County elections officials. 

We heard from other local activists.  Victoria Cruz shared the template she used to notify her county Board of Elections that she does not consent to using the current Dominion Voting Systems and demands the use of hand-marked paper ballots counted and totaled by hand.  She encouraged everyone to use this "I Do Not Consent" template to express their concerns to their local Board of Elections.  Bill Quinn is challenging County Commissioners on their sworn duty to uphold Georgia law regarding the administration of their elections and the consequences of their failure to act.  Some Elections Officials are claiming that they cannot act unless there is an emergency (OCGA §21-2-366).  Bill noted that earlier this month President Biden renewed the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13848 with respect to the threat of foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in United States elections.  Bill also encouraged us to stay engaged in the political process and pointed to Arizona as an example of the success that will follow. 

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