Election Integrity Update - 9/3/2022

Forsyth County CVR

The Election Integrity Updates have been packed with information and action items, and last Saturday’s meeting did not disappoint.  Garland Favorito discussed the September 1st VoterGA Press Conference on the Gwinnett County voter roll challenge to prevent illegal ballots from being cast for phantom voters. His remarks described VoterGA’s efforts to preserve the 2020 cast vote records from every county in Georgia.

Other guests continued educating our audience.  Suzanne Tanner from the Georgia Election Integrity Coalition’s Legislative Team provided an update on their preparations for the 2023 Session.  Bill Quinn gave a fantastic presentation of the Forsyth County 2020 Cast Vote Records analysis that provided additional insight into the absentee voting problems there.  Bill also provided a quick update on the work of True The Vote, including the disturbing find of Konntech’s national database of U.S. poll workers, poll locations, etc. at an address connected to Communist China’s Internet backbone.

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Election Integrity Update - 8/27/2022


Moment of TruthOn the Saturday, August 27, 2022 Election Integrity Update activists discuss county updates from Franklin, Cherokee, Bibb, and Paulding.  Jason Boyce announced an upcoming meeting with the Franklin County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, August 30 where he will call for a vote to change to paper ballots.  Contact Jason if you'd like to join him at the Franklin County meeting. 

Ricardo Davis updated us on the Cherokee Board of Commissioners’ resolution calling the Georgia General Assembly, Secretary of State and State Election Board to remove QR codes from ballots.  Ricardo pointed out that a county board always has the right to choose hand marked ballots in any election if the use of the voting system is impossible or impracticable (O.C.G.A. § 21-2-281).  Given the security issues raised as well as the undisputed fact that Dominion’s use of QR codes to store votes violates state law, the county board should not have passed the buck, and Ricardo urged Cherokee citizens to continue to insist the board do its duty regarding their voting systems. 

Amanda Prettyman reported on the results of the Bibb County hand count, which appeared to have missing ballots. She reminded us that even though the difference in the totals in two of the three precincts was small, it only takes small errors in precinct totals to make a result-changing difference in statewide and countywide races. 

We heard from two Cobb County activists. Salleigh Grubbs reported that Cobb passed Sunday voting day despite recommendations against it from the Director of the Board of Elections.  Sue Sanford introduced a petition from Cobb to eliminate Dominion ballot marking devices in favor of paper ballots.  

Tim Suddreth reported finding people who were issued two voter registration numbers. Each number showed up as voted in different ways, but the voters claimed in an interview that they only voted once and were unaware of a second registration number.  Suddreth announced a “digital poll watching” initiative to monitor the requests for absentee ballots to ensure they comply with the law.  Email Tim to volunteer for digital poll watching in these counties or for voter roll cleanup (statewide). 

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Election Integrity Update - 8/20/2022

Garland Favorito Reporting Live from the Moment of Truth SummitOn last Saturday's Election Integrity Update, Garland Favorito reported live from Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit where he spoke about our election integrity efforts in Georgia.  Garland previewed his Georgia Election Fraud presentation in the State of the States Address.  Because of the importance of the Summit Garland reviewed the agenda of the event, and we shortened the meeting so that we could all watch the event live.  By registering at FrankSpeech.com you can watch Garland’s Georgia Election Fraud presentation as well as his 47 minute segment during Lindell’s Trial of the Machines. 

Kevin Parker from the Appling County GOP and Jennifer Tudor from the Chattooga County GOP shared news about their county’s resolutions declaring that Joe Biden was illegitimately elected.  Jennifer provided a copy of the Chattooga County resolution, then encouraged other election integrity supporters to modify the resolution to pass it in their county. 

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