Election Integrity Update - 6/25/2022

On Saturday’s Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito revisited his press conference presentation where he announced VoterGA’s challenge of the GOP primary results in the Secretary of State’s race in which Brad Raffensperger certified his own victory claiming 52% of the votes in a four-way race. Lively conversation and Q&A followed.  We heard some of our supporters’ comments on testimonies in the January 6 Committee hearing regarding election integrity in Georgia.  

Certification ORR Analysis

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Constitution Party of Georgia Co-Sponsors Georgians Ending Abortion Petition

Georgians Ending Abortion Banner

Georgians Ending Abortion (GEA) has launched a Personhood Amendment Petition to urge Governor Brian Kemp to convene a special session of the Georgia General Assembly to pass an amendment to the State Constitution that would recognize the paramount right to life of all human beings as persons at any stage of development from fertilization to natural death.  The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) is a member of the Georgians Ending Abortion coalition and co-sponsor of the Personhood Amendment Petition.

Your immediate action is needed.  We don't know what the outcome of the November election will be, and we do not have any assurance that pro-life leaders will be elected to serve in 2023. We do know that Governor Kemp has the opportunity to make national history if he takes decisive leadership now.  Thousands of Georgia children may be legally murdered in our state before the beginning of the next regularly scheduled session.

Sign the Petition to call Governor Kemp to immediately convene a special session of the Georgia General Assembly to pass a Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution.

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Election Integrity Update - 6/18/2022

On the July 18th Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito announced that Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results (VoterGA) is on the verge of another major election integrity announcement for the Georgia 2022 primaries.  You can watch the highlights; please share widely.

20220618 Election Integrity Update Highlights

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