Election Integrity Update - 11/19/2022

Garland Favorito

On the November 19th Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito announced VoterGA’s new litigation to indefinitely preserve 2020 General Election ballots in targeted counties until all relevant litigation has been resolved.  This is VoterGA’s sixth election integrity legal case, and all six are still active.  Garland also announced that the next hearing is the fifth case, which challenges the Fulton County School Board District 7 election.  In this race withdrawn candidate Linda Arnold received 3,317 votes without her name ever being printed on any ballot!

Sarah Thompson from Bulloch County reported on activities of The Carter Center as well as concerns of a number of Georgia Congressmen regarding events  which appeared to promote Chinese Communist Party propaganda.  Sarah, Ted Metz, and Paul Nally detailed their Liberty Jam activities.

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Election Integrity Update - 10/29/2022

Garland Favorito in Court @ Fulton County School Board Election ChallengeOn the previous Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito discussed a recent Georgia Supreme Court ruling whereby Georgia citizens, including voters, have standing to sue government officials who violate Georgia law.  He then explained how this precedent is favorable to VoterGA’s Ballot Access lawsuit.

Next, Angie Durham and Sam Carnline reviewed their legal efforts to preserve the 2020 general election ballots in their respective counties and described how their efforts inspired an additional two dozen Georgians to do the same.  Email Angie if you’re interested in helping in your county.

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Election Integrity Update - 10/15/2022

Garland Favorito in Court @ Fulton County School Board Election ChallengeOn the October 15th Election Integrity Update several regulars and guests enlightened us and motivated us to action!  Garland Favorito reported on his Fulton County School Board election challenge and answered the question, “Are we headed for a win?”  (Join us this Saturday for good news!)  Bill Quinn addressed DeKalb County’s decision to use Konnech systems, and subsequent outcomes that concern DeKalb County citizens.

Tamara Favorito reviewed important areas to which poll watchers should be attentive while on duty.  Tania Sosa reported on the Constitution Party of Georgia’s advance voting poll watchers, and encouraged folks interested in Election Day poll watching or submitting photos of precinct elections results (“poll tapes”) to call (912) 509-0945 or email her today.  Angie Allison and Tim Meisburger from The America Project presented their Citizen Election Observer and Georgia Election Integrity Manual resources. 

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