Election Integrity Update - 6/3/2023

This week’s Election Integrity Update is one to watch! Matt Rowenczak updated us on attempts by a Fulton County Commissioner and leftist activists to block the two nominees for Board of Registration and Elections (BRE) lawfully designated by the GOP.  The Fulton County BOC has received 150 emails against Jason Frazier's nomination for his work challenging illegal voter roll records, email the Fulton County BOC in support of Jason Frazier and Mike Heekin and ask that the BOC follow the law. See the announcements section for more details.

Milton City Council member Rick Mohrig and researcher Lisa Cauley spoke about their feasibility study of the City of Milton for conducting their own municipal elections, a presentation demonstrating outstanding cost savings for the city. As Rick Mohrig stated on the call the savings is actually even greater than what was presented in December 2022. Rick did some additional research to determine the cost savings for initial startup will be well over $200K for this city of 31,000 registered voters. This study resulted in a unanimous vote for the City of Milton to run their own municipal elections independent of Fulton County.  

Milton City Council
In addition, Chris Gleason, whose data from Maryland was used by O'Keefe Media Group to expose the “Campaign Finance Mules” smurfing donations to Act Blue and other campaigns across the country, spoke about his research.  His investigation into the Warnock campaign led to the return of $670,000 donations.  Use the link below to view the June 3rd Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family.    

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Election Integrity Update - 5/27/2023

Garland FavoritoWith the breaking news last week we held a Memorial Day weekend Election Integrity Update. Garland Favorito revisited the important points from last Tuesday’s press conference for the Fulton County ballot inspection case and introduced the plaintiff’s new motion to recuse and a writ of certiorari to the Georgia Supreme Court. He also provided VoterGA’s full legal analysis of the Kari Lake signature verification case.  Use the link below to view the May 27 Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share it with friends and family. 

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Election Integrity Update - 5/20/2023

Linda RantzVoterGA unveiled a new election integrity and transparency campaign “Unplug, Unseal, Unleash Georgia” to be launched at the Georgia GOP State Convention.  Garland Favorito announced our press conference to be held on Tuesday to announce two initiatives by the plaintiffs in the Fulton County Ballot Inspection case.  In addition, Linda Rantz from Cause of America Missouri joined to present actual evidence that hand-counted ballot tabulation is practical. We also heard from Danielle Hagen, a volunteer with We the People AZ Alliance, reported on the Kari Lake election case in Arizona.  Use the link below to view the May 20 Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share it with friends and family. 

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