Hey Conservatives! How’s That Paul Ryan Vote Working Out for You?

Prior to and immediately following the vote for Paul Ryan (R-Chamber of Commerce) to be the new Speaker of the House, I went on an Internet/social media rant fest decrying the shortsightedness of conservative House members, particularly members of the Freedom Caucus, who were willing to settle for Ryan, presumably for the sake of getting the Speaker selection over with. See here, here and here

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So It Begins...

This has been a tumultuous month for Republican Party politics.  Daniel Horowitz commented, “the GOP-led House passed a budget bill and debt ceiling increase that countermands every principle they campaigned on when pursuing majority control of that chamber in 2010.  The policy and political outcomes of this vote will be far reaching and gravely consequential.”  The subsequent vote by the Senate and election of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House are the latest victories of the ruling American duopoly.  And with this action the hemorrhaging of the GOP, which has been growing in the grassroots since G.W. Bush’s administration, has now publicly moved into the national leadership of the GOP itself.

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October 2015 CP-Ga Update - Local Elections and More

Fall has arrived, and activity has picked up significantly since our September update. The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-Ga) is committed to recruiting, training, and supporting fellow citizens who share our principles to participate in all aspects of civil governance – from voters to elected officials, and everything in between. The CP-Ga is focused on building strong local party organizations; this Update provides a glimpse into our progress. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get updates. We covet your prayers as we work to build an explicitly Christian political movement here in Georgia. 

In This Update

Town Hall Event:  Monthly CP-Ga Statewide Conference Call
Party Building:  New Gwinnett and Cobb County Contacts
Party Building:  Website Upgrade Moneybomb
Activist Training:  FACL Political Leadership School – Kennesaw
Elections Update:  Jeff Rayno for Pooler City Council
Elections Update:  Ballot Access Lawsuit Update
Local Events Around the State
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