How to Train Your Politician

“If you don’t vote your values, you’re voting for someone else’s values.”

That’s the keystone message of How To Train Your Politician: Intentional Voting as a Path to Tea Party and Constitutional Victory.

It stands against a 30-year legacy of “hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil” voting patterns.

How did socialist-minded John Boehner become the “leader” of the Republican Party?  For 30 years we’d been electing people just like him – people who were supposedly “better than the other guy” for no better reason than they had an “R” after their name on the ballot.

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The tragic and untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia has had one good effect:  It has brought the terms “Textualism” and “Originalism” before the public eye.  Textualism is the doctrine that a law (specifically, the Constitution) says what its text says.  And Originalism is the doctrine that the text means what it would have meant to the people who wrote it and to the original audience for which they wrote it.  Justice Scalia was the great champion of this view in our generation.

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Will Alternative Parties on the Ballot Help Get Clinton Elected in Georgia?

As interest rises in alternative political parties like the Constitution Party the old fear-based argument is repeated, “I can’t support the Constitution Party because it will help Hillary get elected.”  But election data and trends in Georgia show that this is not the case.

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Important Announcement re: CP-Ga Ballot Access Petitions

How do we get the Constitution Party's candidate for President on the ballot? We need 7,500 certified signatures of registered Georgia voters to qualify Darrell Castle for the November 8th ballot.

The petitioning process to get our candidates on the ballot in Georgia requires registered voters to sign an official paper petition.  This cannot be done online.

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Federal transgender policy foisted on local public schools

Those who think the federal government’s overreach on transgender issues stops with the court fight between the feds and the state of North Carolina need to think again. A federal directive from the Obama administration being sent to public schools today directs that all public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender. School districts which do not comply risk a loss of all federal funding.

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