June 2016 Update

Summertime is here!  Children are out of school.  Memorial Day gave us opportunity to remember those who gave their last measure of devotion to our nation.  And frustrations with the Republican-Democrat duopoly continue to heat up.  Hard questions are being asked about whether the duopoly actually represents what they tell the voters.  Devoted partisan activists are faced with their political party’s rejection of values they hold dear.  Now is the time for a separate, unique, and distinct political party, and as ballot access petition signer remarked this is the year the Constitution Party can build it from the grassroots up!  

In this month’s Update we highlight the upcoming 2016 State Convention on Friday evening, June 10th in McDonough, and the status of ballot access efforts in Georgia from Ballot Access Coordinator Carolyn Cosby.  This month's articles address topics of Georgia electoral politics, discuss the criteria for voting, training your politician (instead of the other way around), and the proper role of the courts in applying the law.  These are also available on the state party website, and speak to a number of current discussions surrounding politics.

Howard Phillips' political philosophy promoted the basic principles of Christian civil government.  This cannot be achieved by duopoly reform groups like the Democratic Pro-Life Caucus, the various TEA Party groups, or the Republican Assembly, but rather by the Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-Ga) working to  build a multifaceted network of like-minded supporters and organizations to achieve specific political ends with a multi-generational vision to build. True spiritual revival in our communities provides the soil in which the CP-Ga can thrive.  The party’s expansion will be paced with the growth of a constituency that will vote for representatives who have the courage to implement the party's principles.  

Currently all of the party’s elected officials around the country are serving in local offices.  Here's the long game:  our presidential campaign attracts voters, building our base of support.  This positions us to win battles over the next four years in our communities! 


With a vision of victory,

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman



In This Update

  • 2016 State Convention featuring Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle
  • June Ballot Access Update
  • Will Alternative Parties on the Ballot Help Get Clinton Elected in Georgia?
  • Ask These Questions Before Voting
  • How to Train Your Politician
  • Political Capital
  • Originalism
  • Building the Supporter Pipeline
  • Upcoming Events


2016 State Convention featuring Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle

Hampton Inn-McDonoughThe 2016 State Convention will be held on Friday evening, June 10th at the Hampton Inn in McDonough.  Speakers include Presidential candidate Darrell Castle and other activist leaders from around the state.  There will also be training on ballot petitioning and an update on our ballot access efforts.  RSVP today!

Darrell Castle

Castle was the party’s 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate who served along with presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.  His political activism includes:

  • Two terms as the Constitution Party of Tennessee State Chairman
  • Three terms as the Vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Constitution Party
  • Two terms as the Platform Chairman of the National Convention of the Constitution Party
  • Instructor of the Institute on the Constitution course
  • Author of numerous articles and commentaries addressing national issues and analysis of current events
  • 2007 Chairman of the National Veterans Coalition, an outreach of the National Constitution Party
  • Creator and host of the Castle Report

“This year’s presidential race presents an unprecedented opportunity for the party,” CP-Ga State Chairman Ricardo Davis noted.  “Voters with an affinity to our principles are looking for a new political party.  Castle’s candidacy attracts these type of activists and supporters.  I look forward to meeting you all at the convention.  Bring a friend who's looking for a new political home!”

Learn more and sign up to support at the Castle 2016 web site today!

June Ballot Access Update

Carolyn Cosby
Ballot Access Petition Coordinator

We made progress over the last month - 1156 signatures as of June 1.  At this point, I project that we have volunteers, money and paid petitioners to get 3000 to 3,500 signatures – FAR LESS THAN THE 8,000 TO 10,000 NEEDED TO MEET OUR GOAL OF 7,500 VERIFIED BY THE JUNE 30 DEADLINE.

We URGENTLY need your help to cross the finish line! 

  1. Nearly 30 volunteers received petitions.  If you did how many signatures have you collected?  Please reply to this email now and give us your count.  If you'd like to help as a volunteer or paid petitioner then click here!
  2. We need folks who cannot GO out to GIVE financial support to those who can go out!
  3. We need ALL to PRAY!  Pray for more supporters who can serve as petitioners.  Pray that the Lord will raise up the donors to support this campaign. Pray for Darrell Castle as he travels on the campaign trail.

I’ve trained and started petitioner teams across Georgia.  One of the teams in Cherokee County has three teens ages 11, 13 and 15.  They are doing an impressive job!  This team attends a Christian school in Woodstock headed by one of our supporters, Laura George.  Click the picture below to watch a short video report.


Gaining ballot access has been the dream for many years and now we have our opportunity!  If we get our candidates on the ballot, we can raise our voices for the issues that matter to us!

Please carefully consider today what you can give to this effort.  We were caught short by the late decision of the court to make ballot access in Georgia achievable.  The number legally required was reduced drastically from an impossible 52,000 to a doable 7,500. 

However, we have a short window to gather signatures.  What would normally be allotted a six-month timeframe has to be done in within six weeks!

BUT it can be done with your help!

Please GO, GIVE and PRAY! – Write and send as generous a check as you can to the Constitution Party of Georgia, P.O. Box 2153, Woodstock, GA 30188 or simply click here to donate.

Keep watching for regular postings as we draw closer to our deadline.



Will Alternative Parties on the Ballot Help Get Clinton Elected in Georgia?

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman

As interest rises in alternative political parties like the Constitution Party the old fear-based argument is repeated, “I can’t support the Constitution Party because it will help Hillary get elected.”  But election data and trends in Georgia show that this is not the case.

The discussion about the “close race” between Clinton and Trump usually refers to polls but does not take into account actual election trends.  Georgia has been increasingly trending Republican since 2002.  Even in Obama’s 2008 election John McCain won Georgia.  Of the two million votes cast in the March 2016 Presidential Preference Primary, 63% voted Republican and 37% voted Democrat.  Only Cruz and Rubio were competitive in the run against Trump in Georgia, and Rubio has pledged to support Trump.  If I take out the entire Cruz vote, then the GOP still wins the primary turnout 48% to 37%.

Then there are the so-called “independent voters,” usually identified as non-primary/caucus voters who reliably vote in the general election. Read more...

Ask These Questions Before Voting

Michael Anthony Peroutka
Founder, Institute on the Constitution

Recently, Michael Anthony Peroutka was invited to speak at the Adams County 912 Group in Pennsylvania; a group of non-partisan Patriots, committed to the Constitution of the United States as established by our Founders, who work peacefully to promote a government free from tyranny, and a government whose powers are derived from the consent of the governed.

The message Michael shared was “How Then Shall We Vote.” The message was was very well received, even with some of the audience not quite ready to make the jump out of party-driven loyalty. Below is a short excerpt of Michael’s delivery.


Michael Anthony PeroutkaWhat do you say when someone running for office asks for your vote? Let’s say someone knocks at your door and they smile and tell you that they are running for State Delegate or State Representative or State Senate, or maybe for some County office like County Council or Sheriff. Maybe they are running for Congress or the US Senate.

Let’s say you know little about them except that they are polite and make a nice appearance. They ask for your support and maybe for some money to help their campaign.

Do you just say yes to be nice? Or do you just say yes or no to make them go away?

Are there some relevant and important and simple questions you can ask that will tell you very quickly whether you should support them or not?

You bet there are. Let’s talk about it. 


How to Train Your Politician

Ed Hanks

“If you don’t vote your values, you’re voting for someone else’s values.”

That’s the keystone message of How To Train Your Politician: Intentional Voting as a Path to Tea Party and Constitutional Victory.

It stands against a 30-year legacy of “hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil” voting patterns.

How did socialist-minded John Boehner become the “leader” of the Republican Party?  For 30 years we’d been electing people just like him – people who were supposedly “better than the other guy” for no better reason than they had an “R” after their name on the ballot.

The Republican Congressional majority elected Boehner to lead them.  Why?  Because he represented them!!!

I explain in great historical detail how your vote for someone else’s values allows them to use the position of power you gave them, and the power of your party, to oppose the principles and policies you hold most dear!

How did big government folks like Sen. McCain and Gov. Romney come to represent their party in presidential elections?  GOP conservatives had fallen for various Establishment lies, like “moderates are more likely to win than true conservatives.”

When, in How To Train Your Politician, I point to Reagan’s bold conservative message as his means of earning a landslide victory, the scales begin to come off the eyes of these conservative voters.  Read more...

Political Capital

The idea behind political capital is to “give honor to whom honor is due” by recognizing the many efforts that go into building strong local political organizations.  Folks interested in the party start by signing up which earns 10 points.  If you donate or become a member of the party you get 10 additional points.  By signing up to volunteer you get additional political capital.  The CP-Ga recognizes your online and your offline contributions to advance the party and your progress is tracked on your Political Capital page.

Word of mouth is the best advertising, so the CP-Ga places a premium on folks who tell their friends and family about the party. Some examples: If you sign the Ballot Access Signup and share the news with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers and they sign, then you get political capital for your signup and every one of your friends who responds to your post or tweet and signs up!  Likewise if you circulate a paper petition then you get credit for each of the signatures you gather once the names are entered.  Use the Spread the Word page to share the principles of the party via social media.  The Volunteer Hub has more online activism ideas!

The Leaderboard shows the top go-getters for the current month.  The supporter that gets the most political capital for the month of June will get Gary DeMar’s book Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths: How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians and Empowers Liberals, Secularists, and Atheists to help equip you to take a stand for liberty!  Note: one prize per individual every twelve months.



Dr. Donald Williams
Professor at Toccoa Falls College

The tragic and untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia has had one good effect:  It has brought the terms “Textualism” and “Originalism” before the public eye.  Textualism is the doctrine that a law (specifically, the Constitution) says what its text says.  And Originalism is the doctrine that the text means what it would have meant to the people who wrote it and to the original audience for which they wrote it.  Justice Scalia was the great champion of this view in our generation.

Originalism then teaches that a law (or a treaty) means what it meant to the people who wrote it, voted for it, ratified it, or signed it. The job of those who interpret it then is to discover what that was and then apply (or amend, or repeal) that, not to reinterpret it to fit what they may think contemporary needs are. To do otherwise would be to create new laws by fiat, laws that no legislative body elected by anyone ever passed. It would in effect usurp from the people the rights they exercised when they elected the legislators who wrote and passed the original legislation. It is in effect to disenfranchise them. It is hard enough to write wise laws and to anticipate their unintended consequences. If those laws will be subject to later reinterpretations not tied to their original meaning, it becomes impossible. How would any legislator voting for (or against) the legislation have any idea what he was doing?  Read more...

The Importance of the Supporter Pipeline

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman

The success of a new political party is rooted in its ability to attract new supporters and members.  Unlike the Democrat/Republican duopoly, there is no existing marketing infrastructure to continually attract voters to join CP-Ga party efforts.   Creating a supporter pipeline is the part of the foundation necessary for a separate, unique, and distinct political party.  So we start with a small organized and sustained effort to attract and follow up with likely supporters.  Without this pipeline we cannot build the base from which to recruit future members, volunteers, donors, or candidates.  

To keep the supporter pipeline operating we need monthly donations for this project.  Can I count on your donation today?  Click here to donate.

20th Anniversary CP Copper CoinDonors will receive a limited-edition 1 oz. pure copper coin (99.9%) minted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Constitution Party.  We only have 20 available, so the first 20 donors will receive this stunning coin in appreciation for your support.

Can you spare an hour a week to follow up with folks interested in the party and help get them answers to their questions?  Constituent services volunteers require a computer with Internet access so they can follow up with contacts in the party’s system and update the contact’s record as appropriate.  If you can help then we can put you on the schedule. Click here to volunteer.

Maybe you are great with graphics and video, or a great wordsmith who can write a punchy intro for a Facebook post to share on the party’s page.  If that fits you and you can help a couple of times a week then click here to volunteer and then email [email protected] examples or links to your work!

Upcoming Events

The Constitution Party of Cherokee County meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The June 28th meeting will be held in Holly Springs at 6:30 p.m.  If you live in Cobb, Bartow, Paulding, Pickens, or north Fulton counties then please join us - RSVP today!

More information on events around the state can be found at the Events web page.

With a vision of victory,

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P.S.  {{ recipient.first_name_or_friend }}, your support helps fund our ability to communicate via this newsletter, promotional materials, etc.  Please donate or become a member today!  Thank you in advance for your help. 


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