How to Train Your Politician

“If you don’t vote your values, you’re voting for someone else’s values.”

That’s the keystone message of How To Train Your Politician: Intentional Voting as a Path to Tea Party and Constitutional Victory.

It stands against a 30-year legacy of “hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil” voting patterns.

How did socialist-minded John Boehner become the “leader” of the Republican Party?  For 30 years we’d been electing people just like him – people who were supposedly “better than the other guy” for no better reason than they had an “R” after their name on the ballot.

The Republican Congressional majority elected Boehner to lead them.  Why?  Because he represented them!!!

I explain in great historical detail how your vote for someone else’s values allows them to use the position of power you gave them, and the power of your party, to oppose the principles and policies you hold most dear!

How did big government folks like Sen. McCain and Gov. Romney come to represent their party in presidential elections?  GOP conservatives had fallen for various Establishment lies, like “moderates are more likely to win than true conservatives.”

When, in How To Train Your Politician, I point to Reagan’s bold conservative message as his means of earning a landslide victory, the scales begin to come off the eyes of these conservative voters.

People want a vision - a solid, consistent platform of inspirational ideas.  No “pale pastels.”  Americans may claim they want balanced politicians who hug the middle ground, but in reality they want a leader who will solve problems using a philosophy that works.

Ironically, the Constitution Party still espouses those ideals.  This party is at the heart of “intentional voting.”

I’m a strategist.  Strategy requires focus.  If our strategy is to get America back to fiscal conservatism, constitutional government, states’ rights and family values, our purpose is not served – nay, is undermined – by voting for people who believe those principles only in part, if at all! 

What about chairmanships, and judicial appointments?  If the representatives making those choices don’t hold to any principles, neither will their appointees!

Many TEA Party voters know Donald Trump isn’t their kind of leader.  This year may be when they open their eyes and gather the courage to look further afield, to find a candidate who can lead America back to where it needs to be.

This is the year when a principled party like the Constitution Party can transform the election and make a real difference for the future of the United States and constitutional government.

My book goes into much more – Christian discernment in voting, defusing the techniques of fear and manipulation used by the Establishment, showing how bad leaders historically work against conservative principles, and how third parties influence politics, even if they don’t win a majority.

How To Train Your Politician is available at as a paperback or Kindle e-book. 


Ed Hanks is a former Republican speechwriter and press secretary with more than 30 years’ experience from inside and outside of the party. Today, with fewer Republican candidates to support, he devotes his energies toward promoting the strictly pro-life Personhood strategy and convincing conservatives to vote for principle over party.

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