2016 Presidential Ballot Petitioning

How do we get the Constitution Party's candidate for President on the ballot? We need 7,500 certified signatures of registered Georgia voters to qualify Darrell Castle for the November 8th ballot.  Some of the petition signatures will be invalid due to errors, so our goal is to collect a total of 10,000 signatures.

How do I get a petition?  Choose your level of participation and we'll deliver a Petition Kit with promotional materials to you; we'll ask for a small donation to cover the cost of materials and postage.  Click one of the following levels:

  • Bronze Level - 20 Signatures per Volunteer Petitioner
  • Silver Level - 100 Signatures per Volunteer Petitioner 
  • Gold Level - 100 Signatures per Volunteer with Petitioner Teams at Events
  • Platinum Level - 300+ Signatures per Paid Petitioner

The Kit includes a short script to guide you in asking for signatures; it'll show you how to get a signature from a voter in three minutes.  We need more volunteers and paid petitioners who can circulate a 2016 presidential ballot access petition; we can win with your help!

How else can I help?  The area of greatest need is donations to support the paid petitioning effort.  Click here to put more feet on the street!  We also need administrative help:  phone calling and remote office work.  Click here to volunteer!

What is the deadline?  Completed and notarized petitions must be mailed by June 30.

Contact Carolyn Cosby, Ballot Access Petition Coordinator at (770) 735-3521 or (404) 994-3586 if you have questions related to petitioning.