Biblical Case for Changing Unjust Laws - Justly

The CP-Ga platform's first subject after the preamble is the sanctity of life. The Party's supporters and members understand that this God-given unalienable right along with the right to defend innocent life in the Second Amendment are the foundation of our citizens' rights and responsibilities.

Georgia Right to Life has held high the standard regarding our public official's duty to protect the sanctity of all human life. The article below by GRTL president Dan Becker so reflects the Party's approach to restore justice that it is worthy of reproduction here and sharing with your friends.


Would you vote for a law where a 20 week fetus is given an anesthetic and then “humanely” aborted? The Montana legislature passed such a bill and is waiting on the governor's signature. This bill is “unjust” and displeases the Lord who will hold accountable a nation who despises His ways.


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1962 - "I Have A Dream"

Many Americans are familiar with the March on Washington led by Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963. They have heard about King’s message that day, “I Have a Dream.” But what most people don’t know is that sermon had been preached nine months earlier by King in a segregated high school in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. The story surrounding the recent find of the tape recording of that message and the event is worth hearing. A portion of the recording is included in the News-Observer article.

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In Memoriam - Jack McLain

Our fellow patriot Jack McLain, Florida State Party Vice-Chairman, stepped off the field of this life and into eternity in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ on Saturday, July 25th. Jack’s online obituary can be found at the Taylor & Modeen Funeral Home site. I encourage all who have been touched by his life and work to sign the online memory book. Please pray that the Holy Spirit comfort his wife Lois and their family, and that He fill their hearts with rejoicing: Jack is now with his Savior.

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