Federal transgender policy foisted on local public schools

Those who think the federal government’s overreach on transgender issues stops with the court fight between the feds and the state of North Carolina need to think again. A federal directive from the Obama administration being sent to public schools today directs that all public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender. School districts which do not comply risk a loss of all federal funding.

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May 2016 Update - Surge in Interest in the Constitution Party

As the road to the White House moves through springtime, frustrations with the Republican-Democrat duopoly are growing among voters who would have an affinity with the principles of the Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-Ga).  Not just because one’s favorite candidate has dropped out of the race, but also because hard questions are being asked about whether the duopoly actually represents what they tell the voters.  Devoted partisan activists are faced with their political party’s rejection of values they hold dear.  Average folks are seeing the details of the duopoly’s nomination process and are unnerved at the implications.  This is the time for a clarion call to our fellow Americans to join the Constitution Party and build a separate, unique, and distinct political party from the grassroots up!

Unlike reform groups like the Democratic Pro-Life Caucus, the various TEA Party groups, or the Republican Assembly, the CP-Ga works to help build a multifaceted network of like-minded supporters and organizations to achieve specific political ends.  The past three decades are filled with honest efforts of like-minded patriots who have attempted to change their party from within, either as elected officials or party officials. Most party reform movements are focused only on changing stated policy or personnel of the two major parties.  But lasting political change must include building a political infrastructure and culture that promotes the basic principles of Christian civil government.   That change is best promoted through a distinct political party with a multi-generational vision to build. True spiritual revival in our communities provides the soil in which the CP-Ga can thrive.  The party’s expansion will be paced with the growth of a constituency that will vote for representatives who have the courage to implement these principles of Christian civil government.  This will not only ensure that efforts are focused toward credible, competitive campaigns but it helps the CP-Ga resist the political temptation to expand our voter base by compromising our principles. 

Currently all of the party’s elected officials around the country are serving in local offices.  All the CP-Ga's campaigns where ballot access and incumbent recalls are achievable efforts include local party building and political action.  With our 2016 Presidential campaign we are concentrating on winning hearts and minds, building our base of support, and preparing to win small battles over the next four years in our communities! 

In this month’s Update we highlight a story of Christian courage in the face of evil, lest we forget that we overcome when we stand true to the faith no matter the cost.  There’s news on our ballot access effort here in Georgia and how we will achieve victory, as well as national party news – including our presidential candidate.  We also highlight upcoming events including the Constitution Party of Georgia’s State Convention on Saturday, June 4th in McDonough.

With a vision of victory,

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman

P.S.  May 5 is the National Day of Prayer. We encourage all supporters to participate at an event near you.


In This Update

  • The Death of Bonhoeffer
  • Don't Go Crazy, Go Local
  • Party Wins Ballot Access Victory!
  • National Party News
  • Political Capital
  • Building the Supporter Pipeline
  • Upcoming Events
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The Answer to Gender Anarchy

Whitney-New-slider-1200x400.jpgAnyone objectively viewing the moral landscape of America for the past five decades cannot help but remark at the disaster that has befallen our land. This moral degradation of America is called by the left “liberty and justice” – it is anything but that. It is sexual anarchy. Webster’s 1828 defines anarchy as “Want of government; a state of society, when there is no law or supreme power, or when the laws are not efficient, and individuals do what they please with impunity; political confusion.”

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