Election Integrity Update - 2/26/2022

At the Statewide Election Integrity SummitOn last Saturday’s Election Integrity Update Garland Favorito reviewed the material presented in Monday’s press conference where we exposed Secretary Raffensberger’s no-bid scheme to move Georgia’s voter registration data and management to vendor services on the Internet (“cloud-based software services”).  In doing so Raffensberger will expose our voter registration data to many security and regulatory risks.  Use the link below to view the February 26th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family.

Meeting Recording Link:  CP-GA Election Integrity Update 2/26/2022
Access Passcode:  ^!FV4jjc

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Election Integrity Update - 2/12/2022

Delivery of VoterGA Refutation ReportLast week Garland Favorito announced VoterGA’s latest election integrity report.  It refutes 42 false election claims made by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in his 10-page letter sent to the former U.S. Vice President, several Georgia members of Congress and the Georgia General Assembly on January 6, 2021.  On Friday VoterGA volunteers hand delivered the report to the entire Georgia General Assembly.  On yesterday’s Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) Statewide Tele-Town Hall Garland, Bob Coovert, and Bryan Geels shared their findings in the report and took questions from attendees.

I introduced the meeting with a brief history of the CP-GA, highlighting the impact of Georgia election law on alternative political parties.  I then provided updates on upcoming events:  the Cherokee County party meeting February 15th, the Statewide Election Integrity Summit February 18-19, and the Campaign Management School on February 26th.  Garland and Janelle Clodfelter updated us on VoterGA’s legislative efforts to handle Georgia’s outstanding issues before the primary elections in May.  Click here for more information and to join this effort.

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Election Integrity Update - 2/5/2022


GA_Election_Integrity_Summit.pngOn the February 5th Election Integrity Update we announced that the Statewide Election Integrity Summit sponsored by the Conservative Partnership Institute’s Election Integrity Network and our election integrity partners is official!  The Summit will be held in the Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta on February 18-19, 2022.  Click here for details.  If you’re ready to get active in the effort to bring election transparency and integrity to Georgia, then register today.

The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) and No Left Turn in Education – Georgia are co-hosting a Campaign Management School in Alpharetta on February 26.  This school will teach you the fundamentals needed to win elections for liberty.  If you are ready to DO something to take back power from the politicians and elites for “We The People,” you NEED to attend this class!  Early bird registration is still available, save 20% by registering now!

Garland and Janelle provided updates on the VoterGA legislative team’s efforts to get proposed changes into bills to protect our 2022 elections.  Paul Nally gave a Grand Jury update, and he and Garland answered questions on this important topic.

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Election Integrity Update - 1/29/2022


Garland Favorito - Facts of Georgia's 2020 Election ViolationsOn the January 29th Election Integrity Update we began with upcoming events of interest such as the Political Leadership School in Canton and the Campaign Management School in Alpharetta.  Former Justice of the Peace Paul Nally responded to questions submitted by election integrity activists’ related to the grand jury’s part in investigating election anomalies, and took questions from meeting attendees.

Garland Favorito and Janelle Clodfelter updated attendees on VoterGA's efforts in the Georgia General Assembly working with receptive legislators to advance VoterGA’s Ballot Transparency Initiative.  If you're interested in helping as a citizen lobbyist, please contact Janelle at [email protected] or visit AuditGaNow.com.

Garland discussed the concerns raised regarding the Halderman report that shows how Georgia elections can be hacked, as well as Secretary of State Raffensberger’s press release calling for the release of the report.

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Election Integrity Update - 1/22/2022

Press Conference with Garland Favorito and David HancockOn the January 22nd Election Integrity Update we began with upcoming events of interest such as the Political Leadership School in Canton and the Campaign Management School in Alpharetta.  Next, David Hancock presented the VoterGA team’s drop box chain of custody analysis and video surveillance of those drop boxes used in Georgia’s 2020 elections.  David reported evidence of improperly completed ballot transfer forms that represent nearly 107,000 suspect ballots.  Those wrongly executed forms either violate State Election Board rules or indicate a variety of impossible circumstances such as ballots received before they were collected.

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