September 2015 Update


It has been an exciting summer for the Constitution Party here in Georgia!  Interest is growing and the Lord is opening doors of opportunity.  Your State Leadership Team is working to take advantage of the current climate of political dissatisfaction and disgust and present a vision of victory by building a better political movement!  In today’s email I’ll share some party highlights and opportunities for you to get involved.  Party Founder Howard Phillips often remarked that this party is not a discussion club or a debate society but a political action movement; so let’s get started taking back America one community at a time!

First, the state Party moved its operations to the platform this month.  The new is more than just another website. It will increase the productivity of our activists by providing a constituent management platform, consolidate other services, and decrease our operational costs.  The platform is built with a mobile-responsive design, which means you can now use our website effectively from your smart phone or tablet computer.  And social media is a core part of the platform, which means party communications via Facebook and Twitter can be managed from the same place.  Thanks to CP-Ga member Dennis Hughett (of Dennis Hughett Creative in Marietta) for volunteering his web design and programming skills to help make this effort a success.

Your new Party website allows us to track both offline and online activism by assigning value (“political capital”) to actions.  This helps us objectively manage and track our supporters’ efforts.  With that information we have the opportunity to “give honor to whom honor is due” by showing our appreciation and rewarding those who are actually advancing the party by their support.  To activate your account just sign in at the website.  After you log in you can share pages on the site with friends; the links have a referrer code that works like affiliate tracking.  You get credit when they click the links and sign up, donate, become members, etc.  

If you’re in the north metro-Atlanta area then join Constitution Party of Cherokee County at its first meeting at the Holly Springs Train Depot/Community Center, 164 Hickory Road at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 22.  RSVP via the website or contact Colleen Konwick at (404) 994-3586.  The guest speaker will be D.A. King, who will address the state of immigration reform in Georgia.  The second half of the meeting we’ll discuss political activism to help prepare the way for King’s legislation to be introduced in the 2016 General Assembly.

The second event is the Political Leadership School held at Shiloh Hills Christian School in Kennesaw at 9 a.m. Saturday, October 3.  RSVP at the website and invite other activists in your area. If the Constitution Party is going make progress in 2016, then we need to prepare now!  Having worked on winning campaign teams and participated in grassroots action I was familiar with many of the subjects covered in FACL’s training.  This is practical, no nonsense, and field-tested training; dedicated volunteers who apply the principles taught will make a difference in their community.  Every Party supporter who is serious about affecting change in local and state government must take this class!  I look forward to seeing you there.

Efforts like these are successful because of the volunteer efforts and financial support of friends and patriots like you.  Please take a few minutes to renew or start your membership today, then check out the volunteer page and let us know how you can help.  Working together we can build a multi-generational political movement that will honor God in how we get things done, defend the God-given institution of the family, and restore the American republic.

With a vision of victory,


Ricardo Davis
State Chairman
(404) 620-2440


P.S.  If you’re excited after looking over our new website then please pledge to support the monthly maintenance costs.  Our website upgrade moneybomb is taking pledges through September 30; you can see our progress on the pledge page.  Please take a moment and support this effort today.

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