Statewide Tele-Town Hall - 3/11/2023

IMG_0773.jpgOur state legislati
ve work continues! On this month’s Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) Tele-Town Hall Garland Favorito updated us on the status of the election integrity bills, I reported on the Prenatal Equal Protection Act (HB 496), and Dr. Tiffany Flock reported on legislation related to medical freedom. Party member and city council candidate Dr. Earl Martin updated us on his efforts in Waycross to build the Constitution Party by becoming involved in local politics and actions he’s taken to influence the Waycross City and Ware County Commissioners, such as expediting hiring critical staff, condemning abandoned houses, expediting the repair of roads, and providing professional testimony on the topic of Ware County requiring COVID-19 vaccines for school attendance.  Use the link below to view the March 11 Statewide Tele-Town Hall if you missed it or want to share it with friends and family. The recording will be available for 14 days after the call.

Meeting Agenda 

Garland Favorito and Janelle Clodfelter: Crossover Day and VoterGA Legislative Update
Garland Favorito and Christina Benjamin: VoterGA's Resolution to Move to Paper Ballots (full version) and 250-word version
Dr. Earl Martin: Building the Constitution Party Through Local Action
Ricardo Davis: Personhood Legislative Update HB 496
Dr. Tiffany Flock: Medical Freedom Legislative Update

Meeting Recording LinkCP-GA Statewide Tele-Town Hall 3/11/2023
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Calls to Action:

On the March 18 Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET hosted by the CP-GA Garland Favorito and other activists will be available to answer your questions about efforts to advance election integrity in Georgia.  Just text EIU03182023 to (404) 994-3586 quickly register.  You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the website. 

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With a vision of victory,

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Georgia
(404) 620-2440

P.S.  SB 222 closes a loophole in the Election Integrity Act of 2021 (SB 202) that still allows counties to accept private funding that may influence elections. Click here to contact members of the House Elections subcommittee to support this bill. 

P.P.S.  If you are able, please chip in $10 or more today so the CP-GA can cover the cost of meetings and campaigns to keep up the fight for election integrity here in Georgia.  Checking the “Monthly” option is an extra boost.