Statewide Tele-Town Hall - 10/8/2022

Sheriff Richard MackOn this week’s Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) Statewide Tele-Town Hall Sheriff Richard Mack spoke about the sheriff’s duty in investigating election fraud and how to get our sheriffs involved in investigations to protect the integrity of our elections.  For more information on the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association or to order their resources for activists, visit  To give a donation in appreciation, go to and add Richard Mack in the Donation Note.  We will send the sum along with a Thank You card from our Georgia supporters!

Fulton Co. School Board race totalsGarland Favorito provided an update on the election challenge that he and Fulton County School Board candidate Phil Chen filed.  This is the race where withdrawn candidate Linda Arnold received 3,317 votes without her name ever being printed on any ballot!  The case will be heard Thursday, October 13th at 10:30 a.m. at the Fulton County Superior Court, 136 Pryor Street in Atlanta.  Garland asked that everyone who can please come and support this important election integrity effort.

Georgians Ending Abortion Petition

I provided an update on the Georgians Ending Abortion (GEA) coalition’s petition effort for a state Personhood constitutional amendment, as well as news of the FBI arresting peaceful pro-life protesters. I also discussed the disturbing news that Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have worked to put a proposed state constitutional amendment on the ballot in Michigan.  When the Dobbs decision dealt a death blow Roe v. Wade this summer GEA started working to protect the right to life of both preborn babies with the Personhood Amendment.

David Cross presented evidence from Georgia’s Dominion Voting System’s log files of a scanning failure dubbed the Williamson Error that results in ballots being counted inaccurately.  Sharlene Alexander’s Constitutional Foundations segment underscored the importance of Christian churches in the restoration of the American Republic.

The Constitution Party of Georgia and other members of the Georgia Election Integrity Coalition are preparing for the 2022 General Election by working to have every precinct covered with poll watchers.  Help reinforce election integrity by poll watching!  To volunteer with the Constitution Party of Georgia to poll watch OR to manage poll watchers in your county as an Elections Coordinator, call Tania at (912) 509-0945 or email her today for more information.  Wednesday, October 12 is the deadline to train and sign up for poll watching during Advance Voting.  Tea Party Patriots included additional sessions of their updated online training, click here to register today!

Use the link below to view the October 8th Statewide Tele-Town Hall if you missed it or want to share with friends and family.

Meeting Recording Link:  CP-GA Statewide Tele-Town Hall 10/8/2022
Access Passcode:  G*7Y9yZ5

On the October 15th Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET hosted by the CP-GA, Garland Favorito and other activists will be available to answer your questions about efforts to advance election integrity in Georgia.  Just text EIU10152022 to (404) 994-3586 to quickly register.  You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the website. 

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With a vision of victory,

Ricardo Davis
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Georgia

P.S.  If you are able, please chip in $10 or more today so the CP-GA can cover the cost of the meetings and campaigns to keep up the fight for election integrity here in Georgia.  Checking the "Monthly" option is an extra boost. 

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