Legislative Update - 3/8/2021

Garland Favorito-PressConferenceSince HB 531 has passed the House it will be handled next by the Senate Ethics Committee.  This bill is favored to pass and currently has no elections transparency provisions, which are needed to prevent the alleged election fraud that occurred in the November 2020 general election.  The Senate Ethics Committee members need to hear from you now!  Let the senators know you support the amendments recommended by VOTER-GA that address the following election integrity issues:

  • Ballots and ballot images are publicly available (per 2019 VOTER-GA SAFE Voting Commission recommendations
  • Election management system images are publicly available by allowing any ten electors to request an image from a county elections director for independent forensic exams

In addition Section 26 of the bill must be removed as it prohibits the Secretary of State from extending certification deadlines to allow for a hand count audit must be removed.  This type of audit is critical to ensure the accuracy of the Dominion voting system and would justify an extension if needed. (O.G.G.A. 21-2-493)

We can't let legislators ignore our concerns. Please click to call, email, and video message the members of the Senate Ethics Committee now!

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