Fall 2018 U.S. Constitution Course

IOTC Fall 2018 Training - US ConstitutionJoin us for a very special event hosted by the Institute on the Constitution. Michael Anthony Peroutka, 2004 Constitution Party presidential candidate and IOTC co-founder, will present Learning the U.S. Constitution live. Peroutka will share his knowledge on the Constitution and his practical experience as an attorney and elected official in county government. 

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In Learning the U.S. Constitution you will learn how America was built on and is supported by the two pillars of religion and morality, which are indispensable supports according to Founding Father George Washington. Furthermore, Peroutka will expound on the constitutional duties of America’s political officers and our duties as American citizens. He will explain the importance of "we the people" understanding our role and following through on our responsibilities as citizens in keeping our country a constitutional republic.

This course will be held over four Wednesday evenings via live webcast:

November 28th – Lectures 1-3

December 5th   – Lectures 4-6

December 12th – Lectures 7-9

December 19th – Lectures 10-12 & Graduation

Registration cost for this event is $99. This includes the cost of the Student Manual, which will be shipped to the student.  Webcasts will be archived for students to review later at their convenience. Discounts are available for groups hosting the course, contact Theresa Buker for more details.

This is an opportunity to obtain the tools we need to do our duty as American citizens. Let's do it!

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November 28, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Theresa Buker · · 866-730-9796 ext. 2
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