Election Integrity Update - 5/18/2024

Catherine EnglebrechtOn last Saturday’s Election Integrity Update Catherine Englebrecht gave us an update from True the Vote and projects that we can all jump into: Scan. Check. Protect. to facilitate checking our voter registration in any state, IV3 to help keep voter rolls accurate, and the 611 Project to respond to non-citizen voting. 

Garland Favorito reported from the Georgia GOP State Convention in Columbus where he offered a sold-out seminar on Georgia’s 2024 Landmark Legislative Achievements and presented VoterGA’s Legislative Awards.  Click here for a short video on VoterGA’s 2024 Achievements, or What Have We Done to Secure the 2024 Elections.  

We also talked about Ed Lindsey's resignation from the State Election Board, his replacement by Janelle King, and the political hit job uncovered by VoterGA in the House District 81 Primary race.  Tamara Favorito spoke to us about the American Freedom Alliance World War III Xi Conference, which due to technical difficulties we’ll continue at a later date.   

Use the link below to view the May 18th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family. The recording is available 14 days after the meeting. 


Meeting Recording LinkCP-GA Election Integrity Update 5/18/2024 
Access Passcode:   kSzm3e&c

On the May 25th Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET hosted by the CP-GA Garland Favorito and other activists will be available to answer your questions about efforts to advance election integrity in Georgia.  Just text EIU05252024 to (404) 994-3586 to quickly register.  If you don’t get a response within minutes then you probably misspelled the code to register, please review and try again. You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the websiteIf you don’t get a response within minutes then you probably misspelled the code or your email address to register, please review and try again. 

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Announcements & Events  

  • Remember to vote! Election day for the 2024 Primary Elections is May 21st. If you requested a mail-in ballot, VoterGA recommends returning it in person to your county elections office before 7 p.m. on Election Day to protect your vote. 
  •  The next Cherokee County Constitution Party meeting will be on May 21st at 7 p.m. at the Impact Ministry Center, 2260 Holly Springs Parkway, Suite 130, Holly Springs, GA 30115. We will check the early returns for the elections pertinent to county voters as well. Click here to RSVP. 
  • Project Appleseed will be holding a pistol clinic on June 22nd at the Shaw-Woodward Firearms Training Complex at 375 Chattin Dr, Canton, GA 30115. Click here for details. 
  • Upcoming Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership training opportunities:   
  • Upcoming Election Integrity Network training opportunities:   

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P.S.  Our Dump the Illegal Dominion BMD campaign has almost reached its goal; we need less than 770 more Georgians to sign!  Use this link to sign and share this link with fellow concerned Georgians:  https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/dump_illegal_dominion_bmds. 

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