Election Integrity Update - 4/30/2022

Saturday’s Election Integrity Update was broadcasted live from the Middle Georgia Election Integrity Summit (MGEIS) in Macon. Garland Favorito with VoterGA updated us on the Fulton County ballot inspection lawsuit. The oral argument hearing at the Georgia Court of Appeals is set for Wednesday, May 4th at 10:30 a.m., Room 2031 in the Judicial Center at 330 Capitol Avenue S.E., Atlanta. Please join in person or via live stream!

We also discussed the upcoming documentary 2000 Mules which highlights research from True the Vote: evidence of organized ballot trafficking in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Texas. True the Vote alleges there were 242 traffickers in Georgia who made 5,662 trips to ballot drop boxes between midnight and 5:00 a.m., potentially unloading hundreds of thousands of illegally harvested ballots over the course of several weeks. The film will be showing in theatres across Georgia this week, and the VoterGA Election Integrity Outreach team will be handing out information to attendees. If you’re interested in helping, please contact team coordinator Lisa Kaminsky at [email protected].

Middle Georgia Election Integrity Summit TeamThe MGEIS agenda covered the following subjects: cleaning the voter rolls, poll watcher and poll worker training, understanding the voting machines, legislative and litigation updates, and more. Many thanks to event coordinators Amanda Prettyman and Lisa Neisler, the Bibb County GOP, Julie Adams with the Tea Party Patriots, Tamara Seymour, and the many volunteers who served to make the event a success! After the Election Integrity Update call, Garland and I spoke at the Summit. Later that afternoon Garland spoke on election integrity issues at an event hosted by State Senate candidate Kevin Grindlay (District 48), a candidate recommended by the Constitution Party of Georgia.

I’m pleased to announce that State Senate candidate Brett Mauldin (District 17) has been recommended by the Constitution Party of Georgia to our members and supporters. More information on candidate recommendation can be found on the Candidate Recommendation page.

If you live in south Georgia, plan to attend the South Georgia Election Integrity Conference in Valdosta on May 9th. I’ll join other GEIC leaders to help equip folks to make a difference in election integrity at the local level.

Julie Adams with GEIC partner Tea Party Patriots is hosting online poll watcher and poll worker training. In-depth poll watcher training explains the background of poll watching, process of voter flow, voting equipment, opening and closing procedures, forms used by poll employees, provisional ballots, ballot drop box laws, process flow of data cards and ballots after the close of Election Day Precincts, what to look for and more. The training also covers the laws associated with Poll Watching.  Click here for details and to register.

Use the link below to view the April 30th Election Integrity Update if you missed it or want to share with friends and family.

Meeting Recording Link: CP-GA Election Integrity Update 4/30/2022
Access Passcode: t?$iUUh5

On the May 7th Election Integrity Update at 9:00 a.m. ET hosted by the CP-GA Garland Favorito and other activists will be available to answer your questions about efforts to advance election integrity in Georgia.  Just text EIU05072022 to (404) 994-3586 to quickly register. You can also RSVP with one click once you log into the website. Click here to log in or activate your account, then RSVP via the website.

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