CP-GA Picks Castle, Dr. Paul Broun for Presidential Ticket


CP-GA Picks Castle, Dr. Paul Broun for Presidential Ticket

ATLANTA, GA - The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) held its state convention on June 10th in McDonough. As expected, members selected Darrell Castle, the keynote speaker and Constitutional attorney from Tennessee, as its Presidential nominee.

In a surprise move the members also unanimously nominated Dr. Paul Broun, a native son and former U.S. Congressman, for the Vice-President slot. CP-GA Chairman Ricardo Davis explained: “Dr. Broun has one of the most impressive conservative track records of any Congressman who has ever served in Washington. The CP-GA’s mission is to elect individuals like him in all facets of civil government.”

Dr. Broun wrote a Jobs Act that was highly rated by the Club for Growth, an Audit the Fed bill that passed the U.S. House by a 333-92 margin, and legislation considered to be the best Obamacare alternative. Dr. Broun never voted for a tax increase, never voted to increase the debt ceiling and never voted for a bailout. He also proposed more targeted spending cuts than any other U.S. Representative. 

Davis noted, “With the recent endorsement of Darrell Castle by Georgia Right to Life PAC, the Constitution Party of Georgia has the only ticket with endorsed president and vice-president candidates.  Castle and Broun have proven track records in defending the sanctity of life.”

The CP-GA is attempting to get Mr. Castle and Dr. Broun on the ballot in November by collecting 7,500 petition signatures according to a new interim federal ruling. Though still high, that number is a dramatic reduction from current Georgia law requiring about 52,000 signatures.  Voters wanting to see them on the ballot are working to meet the approaching deadline.

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