Compare the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Compare the positions of Goode, Romney, and Obama

For Whom Can I Vote?

When we prepare ourselves to vote for a President of these united States or for any other civil office, we are looking for a man who possesses certain knowledge and has demonstrated a certain commitment.

The knowledge we are looking for from a presidential candidate is basically this:

Firstly, does he acknowledge the moral law of God as the ultimate legal standard for everything he will undertake? That is, does he recognize the legal authority of what our founders referred to as “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”?

Secondly, does he recognize and acknowledge that the authority of the federal government is limited also to the specific enumerated powers contained in the Constitution?

The commitment we seek from him can be summed up in this question:

Has he demonstrated a proper understanding of law and civil government by his past actions and decisions?

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The Constitution Party of Georgia Fights for Your Full Voting Rights

“The right to vote embraces not only a voter’s access to the ballot, but also his access to alternative viewpoints and positions presented on the ballot.”

We all may agree with the court ruling quoted above, but the fact is we live in a political and legal world dominated by two "major" parties which appear to be doing all they can to make it more difficult to secure the right to vote. The Constitution Party of Georgia is involved in a legal fight for your full right to vote, rights that have already been won in Tennessee and other states.

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