Action Alert! Call Your State Senator Now on HB 605 - Hidden Predator Act

The Georgia Senate Rules Committee voted today to bring the Hidden Predator Act of 2018 (HB 605) to the Senate floor for full vote tomorrow, March 27th - the next to last day of the session. The Senate version of HB 605 was compromised compared to the House version.  

Please call your State Senator as soon as possible and ask them to:

  • RESTORE the statue of limitations cap to 38 years of age

  • REMOVE the Senate's stipulation that persons over 31 years old cannot bring forth a case

  • RESTORE the discovery time period to four years

  • REMOVE the Senate's change that weakens Georgia's Mandatory Reporter Law


The Senate version denies justice for victims of pending cases and fails to hold pedophiles and the entities that protected them accountable.  The Senate has offered a "get out of jail free" card for those responsible for these horrific crimes.

It is extremely important to call today. There are only TWO days left in the legislative session.

For your Senator's name and phone number, click the link:  Find Your Legislator 

Rep. Jason Spencer has been working since 2015 on this legislation to help victims of child sex abuse.  Since 2017 seven states have passed bills stronger than HB 605!  Call your Senator today and help bring predators and those who protect them to justice.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Contact us and let us know how your Senator responds.



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