Separating Fact from Fiction—Georgia’s 2020 Election

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  • What can be done to avoid serious post-election controversies in the January 5 Senate runoffs?
  • What are the facts about the irregularities alleged in Georgia’s November election?
  • Can Georgia’s Dominion voting system be quickly reconfigured in order to support a verifiable, transparent election?
  • Why didn't the audit and recount settle the controversies about the November 3 election?
  • What can voters and lawmakers do to insist on a fair, transparent election on January 5?

Join us for a discussion of those topics, a short presentation of our proposed immediate solutions, and a Q&A session on Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm via Zoom. For time efficiency, please submit your questions in advance to [email protected].

Coalition for Good Governance (“CGG”) has been in federal court fighting the un-auditable and unconstitutional Dominion BMD voting system since the State made the decision to buy vulnerable electronic touchscreen machines in 2019. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the system and know how it can be safely deployed in Georgia after an immediate, cost saving, and simple reconfiguration.

Additional Details
The webinar will explain our simple proposal for a transparent, auditable election in January:
– How controversial touchscreens can be easily replaced by hand marked paper ballots in the polling place;
– The need for basic accounting for all ballots cast before results are finalized; and
– Why a thorough audit of all three races is needed before results are certified.

We will explain how this proposal saves massive amounts of county personnel hours otherwise required for programming, testing, transporting, securing and setting up the touchscreens and printers, saving counties significant labor. We will share expert opinions regarding how any hacking, significant error, or manipulation of the voting system can be detected and remedied in the audit, generating a verifiable result. We have shared this plan with the State Election Board (, which they have been unwilling to discuss to date.

In CGG’s lawsuit, shortly before the November election, Judge Totenberg made a comprehensive, sobering ruling regarding the vulnerable nature of the Dominion touchscreen voting system. ( The Court is addressing federal constitutional claims, but on page 81 noted that the BMD touchscreen system is vulnerable to error and manipulation and does not meet the basic legal requirements of Georgia’s election statutes. Georgia’s General Assembly enacted requirements for the voting system in 2019, but Secretary Raffensperger disobeyed those mandates by buying the unverifiable $105+ million voting system.

The Dominion touchscreens are brightly lit and upright, violating voters’ state constitutional and statutory rights to an absolutely secret ballot. These ongoing violations have not stopped Secretary Raffensperger from insisting on the touchscreens' use, and county election boards from accepting the high cost and high risk of deploying the touchscreens.

CGG’s simple solution sidelines the risky and unconstitutional Dominion touchscreens and uses the current precinct scanners to securely read hand marked paper ballots, which can be audited to locate and repair any tabulation discrepancies. 

Join us for a discussion as we tease apart fact from fiction about November’s election from our non-partisan, knowledgeable perspective. We were poll watchers, mail ballot observers, audit and recount monitors, and tabulation room monitors. We draw on the advice of experts in the field of ballot coding, cybersecurity, scanning, and auditing. We are uniquely qualified to help Georgia’s voters and leaders address the elements of conducting an evidence-based, defensible election.

Marilyn Marks, Executive Director
Ronnie Martin, CGG Board member, Fulton County Voter
Liz Throop, DeKalb County Voter
Jeanne Dufort, Morgan County Voter
Aileen Nakamura, Fulton County Voter
Please send us your questions to [email protected].

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Marilyn R. Marks
(704) 292 9802 (cell)
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Coalition for Good Governance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization (501(c)(3))
focused on election security and transparency.

December 09, 2020 at 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Zoom Conferencing Webinar
Marilyn Marks · · (704) 292 9802

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