Why Experts Don't Trust Georgia's Voting System

Thanks to the assistance of Coalition for Good Governance, CP-GA State Chairman Ricardo Davis and other concerned voters are suing Secretary of State Brian Kemp to act and secure Georgia's elections systems.


Why don’t computer experts trust Georgia’s voting system? What can Georgia voters and their local city councils, county commissioners, and boards of elections do to protect the November vote? Do local boards have the authority to adopt paper ballots if Secretary Kemp doesn’t approve? Please join us tomorrow afternoon as we discuss your questions.

At 12:30 Thursday, August 23 Georgia’s public officials, the press and voters will be asking experts via live stream the hard questions about why they don’t trust Georgia’s voting system. Live stream via: https://www.facebook.com/GAVotesPaper/
Also via GeorgiaVotesPaper.org (events page)

Logan Lamb, (cybersecurity researcher who exposed the vulnerable election system server at KSU), Professor Rich DeMillo of Georgia Tech, Marilyn Marks, the organizer of the lawsuit to force Georgia to switch to paper ballots, and attorney Bruce Brown trying that case in federal court, will spend 90 minutes presenting their views and primarily answering your questions. The session will be moderated by election quality advocate Jeanne Dufort of Madison.

Local officials (county boards of elections, boards of county commissioners, and city councils) all have the authority to adopt paper ballots for their jurisdictions in the November elections. Why aren’t they using their authority to protect their constituents’ votes? Are the citizens being insistent enough? (See references to local board authority in this resource and fact sheet.)

Segment 1—Local authority
What Georgia voters and their local city and county boards can do to adopt paper ballots and secure practices before November, even if Sec. Kemp refuses to do so.

Why it’s a separate issue from the lawsuit.

Segment 2—Is Georgia’s voting system really at risk?

Segment 3—Is there any evidence of a problem in Georgia?

Questions we’ll answer—

  • What kind of paper ballots do you propose? Does this mean hand counting the ballots?
  • How are paper ballots possible by November?
  • Why do we oppose automatically sending out mail ballots to everyone for the November election?
  • What are the chances that the Russians infiltrated Georgia’s system?
  • If the machines are not connected to the internet, why is there any reason for concern?
  • What files were actually on the server that malicious users could have accessed?
  • What could bad guys have done if they accessed the server?
  • What was done to decontaminate the system?
  • Would officials know it if the system had been compromised?
  • Aren’t paper ballots a step backward?
  • Shouldn’t we just wait and see what the Court rules?

We want your hard questions---tougher than the ones usually asked!  Send them to us in advance [email protected], or post them during the live stream session at https://www.facebook.com/GAVotesPaper/, or text during the session to 980-292-4042.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing what we have learned to date.

Marilyn Marks
Executive Director
Coalition for Good Governance
704 292 9802

August 23, 2018 at 12:30pm - 2pm
Facebook Live
Marilyn Marks · · (704) 292-9802
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