Stop the Expansion of Socialized Healthcare in Georgia: Vote NO on Proposed Constitutional Amendment B

October 27, 2014
Contact: Ricardo Davis (678) 528‐9661

ATLANTA, GA - Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) State Chairman Ricardo Davis urges a "no" vote on Proposed Constitutional Amendment B and proposes a better plan to care for the needs of those with brain and spinal cord injuries while respecting the property rights of all Georgia citizens.

In light of decreasing trust fund revenue proponents wish to expand the 10% surcharge to reckless driving (RD) fines. "But the taxes on DUI or RD fines have no direct correlation to those receiving grants from the trust fund. A just response would be to have those injured by those found guilty of DUI or RD recoup damages or insurance proceeds to compensate for the disability," Davis commented.

The CP-GA response to Proposed Constitutional Amendment B:

* Plan and execute the transition of the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission to a private, not-for-profit charitable organization.

* Review state insurance and tort law to remove any handicaps that prevent persons with brain or spinal cord injuries from receiving damages and compensation to pay for their continued care and transition into community life.

Davis, who is a health care business analyst and consultant, asks, "Must we pilfer yet another class of citizens to expand the funding of this socialistic health care scheme?" He continued, "I wish no ill will upon those suffering from brain or spinal chord injuries. Unlike Richard Dawkins and likeminded government policy makers I believe in the personhood of all human life and acknowledge the God-given value and dignity of the injured regardless of their ongoing needs. Having seen how traumatic brain injury affected a friend of mine and his family gives me some empathy with those who face significant challenges once discharged from medical care."

The CP-GA encourages lovers of liberty throughout the state to lobby their elected state and local officials toward this end. The CP-GA also encourages those moved by the plight of the injured to consider giving a tax-deductible donation directly to the Trust Fund or similar charitable organizations.

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