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AG Chris Carr Vote of No ConfidenceOn April 2nd Attorney General (AG) Chris Carr submitted an amicus brief on behalf of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claiming Georgians have no right to inspect cast ballots for potential election fraud!

Carr’s brief falsely argues that claims of those seeking to inspect ballots are “baseless” despite sworn affidavits from senior poll managers who contend they handled counterfeit ballots while serving as auditors during the Fulton County hand count audit.

In addition the brief falsely argues there was no unlawful activity at the State Farm Arena the night of November 3rd despite recorded video evidence showing multiple violations of Georgia election law!

In his brief Carr’s brief attempts to wrongfully intimidate those who seek to inspect ballots by implying they would be committing a felony while inspecting ballots under a court order, and falsely attempts to criminalize inspection of ballots by citizens under a court order by misinterpreting Georgia law that applies only during an election.

Why does Carr disregard the Equal Protection and Due Process rights of Georgians in favor of vote counting secrecy?  His actions directly conflicts with the fundamental principles of election integrity including verifiability, auditability, recount capability and transparency!

Carr is running for re-election in 2022, sign the “Vote of No Confidence” petition and send him message today!

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