Ensuring Your Vote Is Counted

As most of you know the Constitution Party of Georgia strongly recommends voting by absentee ballot because it is the only form of Georgia voting where there is an official paper ballot of record for your votes. Election Day voting offers no comparable form of security. Early voting is even more risky because the memory cards are left open for the entire period of early voting and are vulnerable to tampering.

The safest form of voting is also convenient because you can vote at home. Here’s how:

1. Click on the following link to get an absentee ballot application:

2. Fill in your information then print the application.

3. Click on the following link to find the location to send your application:

4. Select your county and click the Submit button. Your county’s registrar contact information will be displayed.

5. Then, mail, fax, email (as an attachment), or drop the application off at your county registrar's office. The application should be submitted no later than the Thursday before the election.

6. Once you receive the absentee ballot follow the enclosed instructions for preparing and returning your ballot. Failure to follow the instructions will spoil the ballot and your vote will not be counted.

7. Mail in your completed ballot for the cost of a postage stamp or hand deliver it to your county office and watch them deposit it in their ballot box. Your county registrar must receive your absentee ballot no later than close of the polls on Election Day.


Garland Favorito
State Party Elections Director

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