Action Alert! HB 605 in Senate Judiciary Committee

Today the "Hidden Predator Act of 2018" (HB 605) was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee today.  Please call and/or email the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to SUPPORT HB 605.

HB 605 extends the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse civil law suits. It will grant victims of these horrific crimes more time to seek justice against their abuser and the institution that failed to protect them.  Since the so-called sexual revolution of the mid-20th century, child sexual abuse has exploded: 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse.

The Constitution Party of Georgia strongly supports Rep. Jason Spencer's HB 605, the Hidden Predator Act of 

By the time victims of child sexual abuse are able to comprehend the deep mental and emotional damage they suffered and take action to disclose the abuse a decade or more will have passed.  By the time they do come forward, the civil statute of limitations has expired and the perpetrator and those that protected them cannot be held accountable.

HB 605 will help identify hidden child sexual predators and the entities that foster and protect child sexual predators.  HB 605 will complement existing laws with meaningful civil remedies that will provide justice to victims of child sexual abuse and expose the identify of these predators and their enablers in society.

But there will be no path to justice for these victims if this bill is not passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They need your help today to voice your support for HB 605.

Please call and/or email the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (listed below) today!

Chairman Jesse Stone
(404) 463-1314
Vice Chairman Bill Cowsert
(404) 463-1366
Secretary Blake Tillery
(404) 656-0089


Senator Harold Jones
(404) 463-3942
Senator Elena Parent
(404) 656-5109

Senator John Kennedy
(404) 656-0045

Senator Michael Rhett
(404) 656-0054

Senator Greg Kirk
(404) 463-5258

Senator Brian Strickland
(404) 656-7454

Senator William Ligon
(404) 463-1383

Senator Curt Thompson
(404) 463-1318

Senator Joshua McKoon
(404) 463-3931



For more information about HB 605, check out the video 
below by Rep. Jason Spencer:

Rep. Jason Spencer speaking on HB 605, "Hidden Predator Act of 2018"


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