Political Reality – A Compromised Vote Ensures You Get What You Don’t Want

Gov. Romney Wishes You a Great Pride Weekend - All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preferenceThe GOP and Democrat parties (a.k.a. the Republicrat party) know that if you'll compromise your core beliefs to vote for their candidates then you'll be in a lose-lose situation. You'll lose because you've given the party the power to do what you don't want, and thus relinquishing your power to stop them. And you'll lose again because you've emboldened the party to push for more compromise and compromised candidates. For example, if you believe that marriage is the creation of God, ordained by Him to only be the union between a man and woman, then voting for either Obama or Romney will ensure that you get what you don't want.

The Republicrat party will remind you of the way things were, the struggles of old where they fought for what you believe when you pledged your loyalty to the party. The Republicrat party and their supporters are calling you to join them in supporting these ideals by rallying around their candidates. The party hopes you'll not pay attention to the fact that by their actions - and increasing numbers of their candidates - they could care less about those ideals today.

And when you get involved in the Republicrat party its leaders act to ensure that your activism to support your beliefs fails, and your friends and compatriots who run as party delegates are ignored. And when you can marshal support for what you believe, Republicrat party leaders will side-step the party's rules when it's to their advantage to stop you. But then when they need you they'll try to convince you that leaving will ensure that the "other" party will win, ensuring the end of freedom and all that's good in America.

You can't put any trust in the Republicrat party's platform and their candidates' pledges on the campaign trail. There's an old joke about how to tell when a politician is lying -- watch and see if their lips move! The point: if you want to know what the Republicrats believe then watch closely what they have done when in power -- this has much more weight in determining future action than election promises and party platforms.

Mitt Romney's Proclamation as Massachusetts Governor urging all citizens to celebrate Gay/Straight Youth Pride DayYou can't change the party from within if there is a culture of corruption that stifles participation and debate. The only effective way to political change is to take away their power.

You can't take away their power by your compromise then complaining after the fact that they do the right thing. No more "taking one for the team." No more loyalty because of what the party used to be or past leaders. And you certainly can't take away their power by working with them to bring voters to the party and becoming an enabler of the problem in the process.

The Republicrat party won't change and do what you want by not voting or disengaging from the political process. The party sees your lack of action as a lack of conviction to fight for what you believe; they win by default.

How will you effect change? Invest your vote, your time, and your resources in what you DO want. In a political party who pledges to fight for what is right and rise above the political corruption rampant across our state and nation. By doing your duty before God and trusting the results to His just and gracious providence.

Where do we begin? By casting a vote with a long-term multi-generational vision to be faithful to God and His Word in building a political party. In Georgia, after Reconstruction it took 150 years of voting for Republican gubernatorial candidates before they finally elected Sonny Perdue in 2002. In the late 19th century in the Deep South votes for Republicans were "wasted votes" that "had no chance of winning." Unjust ballot access laws kept Republicans off the ballot and their supporters off of the voter rolls.

Today the Constitution Party of Georgia is in a similar predicament. But even though the Republicrat party in Georgia has proven it will not update the state’s ballot access laws to the more reasonable standards held by a majority of the states, we will take the challenge and keep building support for the principles of the Constitution Party in cities and counties around Georgia. We will write-in candidates like Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s 2012 presidential candidate, and others until we marshal the votes to get ballot access. We will work to root out corruption and abuse in our state’s local and state governments. We will train and raise up Christian statesmen who are not ashamed to obey God’s commands rather than men.

And it all begins today with you write-in Virgil Goode for President in 2012, casting your vote to support what you want in your elected officials: the courage to honor God even in the face of persecution like Alabama Judge Roy Moore, the tenacity to defend the sanctity of life and restore Constitutional governance like Representative Bobby Franklin.

With two percent of the vote for Virgil Goode this November, we achieve our first ballot access goal. Will you help us end the "lesser of two evils" cycle by casting a ballot for what you want in elected officials?

If you are ready to start building a different political party where we hold ourselves accountable to Christian ethics and morality, then join us today!

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