2022 Poll Watcher Training with Tea Party Patriots

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One of the most important things everyday citizens can do to help ensure the integrity of the upcoming election is to become a volunteer poll watcher on Election Day.  It is easy to do once you take the free one-hour training class hosted by Julie Adams, Field Director with Tea Party Patriots.  This in-depth training designed by a senior Georgia poll manager provides volunteers an understanding of the background of poll watching, the process of voter flow, understanding of the voting equipment, opening and closing procedures, what happens to the data cards and ballots after the close of Election Day Precincts, helpful tips on what to look for and more.  The training also covers the laws associated with poll watching.

Tamara SeymourTamara A. Favorito is a career finance executive in the biotechnology industry with over 30 years of experience. She began working as a volunteer for election integrity in 2014. She started as a poll watcher in San Diego, California and eventually trained hundreds of poll watchers in California both in person and through statewide video conferencing. After moving to Georgia, Tamara became a poll worker and now trains hundreds of poll workers and poll watchers for VoterGA and the Georgia Election Integrity Coalition throughout the state. In addition, she serves on the VoterGA legislative lobbying team which lobbies Georgia Senators and House Representatives in support of bills to strengthen security in the election process.  

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