2020 Ballot Access Campaign

How do we get the Constitution Party on the ballot? We need 7,500 certified signatures of registered Georgia voters to qualify for a place on the November 3rd ballot.  Some of the petition signatures will be invalid due to errors, so our goal is to collect a total of 10,000 signatures.

In 2016 the Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) and the Green Party of Georgia won a landmark federal lawsuit that dramatically reduced the petitioning requirements for the party’s presidential candidate on the Georgia ballot from over 55,000 signatures to 7,500. Although the timing of the court ruling delayed our start we were able to collect nearly 5,000 signatures in about three months. This time we have the full six months to achieve our goal of having our party represented on the 2020 ballot. If a statewide candidate gets just 2% of the vote the CP-GA can run candidates for any statewide office in the next election without petitioning, greatly raising the party’s profile in state politics and positioning the party as a mainstream choice for Georgia voters.

Based on our previous 2016 experience we have determined the best locations, techniques and script to make this process less cumbersome for our petition circulators to achieve success. We need your help in two different ways to kick off this campaign. First, we need your donation towards our $15,000 goal to fund the petitioning effort to collect a significant number of the signatures needed. Secondly we need your volunteer assistance to help in the petitioning process.

Can you be a circulator?  Choose your level of participation and we'll deliver a Petition Kit with promotional materials to you; we'll ask for a small donation to cover the cost of materials and postage.  Click one of the following levels:

  • Bronze Level - 20 signatures per volunteer circulator
  • Silver Level - 100 signatures per volunteer circulator
  • Gold Level - 100 signatures per volunteer with circulator teams at events
  • Platinum Level - 300+ signatures per paid part-time circulator

The Kit includes a short script to guide you in asking for signatures; it'll show you how to get a signature from a voter in three minutes.

How do I support a petition circulator?  If you cannot volunteer collecting petition signatures then your donation will sponsor a full-time circulator to collect petitioner signatures. These donations support the most time-efficient means to accomplish our goal of winning ballot access.

  • Bronze Level – $10 supports the collection of 8 signatures
  • Silver Level – $25 supports the collection of 20 signatures
  • Gold Level – $50 supports the collection of 40 signatures
  • Platinum Level - $125 will support the collection of 100 signatures
  • Diamond Level - $250 will support the collection of 200 signatures

FACT: A successful ballot access drive is the most important thing we can do to raise awareness of the CP-GA and attract Georgia voters. In 2016 we saw party donations increase 9-fold and the number of volunteers increase 6-fold compared to 2015 which allowed us to make as much progress as we did towards ballot access in ten weeks!

How else can I help?  We also need administrative help:  phone calling and remote office work.  Click here to volunteer!

What is the deadline for volunteers to turn in their petitions?  Completed and notarized petitions must be postmarked by June 20th.

Contact Elections Director Garland Favorito at (404) 664-4044 if you have questions related to petitioning.