Press Release on Trump Impeachment

Contact:  Garland Favorito, (404) 664-4044


ATLANTA (December 28, 2019) - The Constitution Party of Georgia has taken a bold stand in opposing the current Trump Articles of Impeachment on constitutional grounds. State Chairman Ricardo Davis explained, “Article 2, Section 4 clearly requires a significant and serious crime to justify impeachment. No such crime is alleged in the two impeachment articles because the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees did not hear witnesses who provided evidence of impeachable actions through their firsthand accounts of the material facts in question.”

Chairman Adam Schiff began an initial hearing with a fabricated account of the July 25th phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.  This false narrative was the foundation for the Abuse of Power impeachment article. But the facts proved that Trump received nothing of value from Ukraine. Zelenskyy had a relevant meeting with Trump, and the appropriated aid was released on schedule.

Garland FavoritoElections Director Garland Favorito added, “It is appalling that Congressional members rationalized their impeachment inquiry with erroneous references to the U.S. Constitution. The chairmen of the committees were obligated to adhere to 5th and 14th Amendment due process provisions adopted by their House rules. Similar rules established precedents that were afforded to Presidents Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson.”

The House committees deprived Trump of due process by violating many of their own due process rules. For example, the House Intelligence Committee denied the minority party the ability to issue subpoenas, call their own witnesses, and receive proper notice of meetings.

When Trump refused to participate in these corrupt anti-American proceedings, the Judiciary Committee bypassed litigation and charged him with Obstruction of Congress in the second impeachment article. Such a dishonest process threatens to transform our republic’s standards of equal protection under just laws. Those who voted for either of the impeachment articles violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

The Constitution Party of Georgia urges all citizens to implore our U.S. Senators to declare the articles of impeachment invalid on constitutional grounds. Since the Democrat-led House put political bias above its responsibility to uphold the Constitution and ensure due process, Georgians and all Americans must be vigilant to ensure the Republican-led Senate begins by declaring the impeachment articles invalid.


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