Independent Political Party Recommends Carolyn Cosby for Chairman of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners

October 31, 2014
Contact: Ricardo Davis (404) 671-8502

ATLANTA, GA – Carolyn Cosby, Independent candidate for Chairman of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, has been recommended by the Constitution Party of Georgia in lieu of a party candidate in the race.

State Chairman and Cherokee County resident Ricardo Davis praised Cosby for her practical application of Christian ethics and constitutional principles in local politics. Davis commented, “While most people are focused on state-wide or federal campaigns I and my neighbors in Cherokee County are facing tough decisions about the future of our communities. The issues transcend partisan lines and ethnicity. In the metro-Atlanta area we've seen that cronyism, wasteful public spending, corrupt dealings, and false witness abound regardless of political party.”

Unlike most independent candidates Mrs. Cosby is no political novice, nor does she “fall in line” when political bosses and big money special interests exert their influence. Regarding the deluge of negative campaign materials and press against Cosby the past few weeks Davis noted, “allegations and innuendo are useful tools for muckrakers. Many were not fooled by logical fallacies bandied around as conclusive evidence. Carolyn has taken the high moral ground in these matters.”

In seeking the Constitution Party's recommendation Cosby has undergone an in-depth review of her understanding of the oath of office and her responsibilities as County Commissioner as it relates to the Constitution. The local leadership of the party was unanimous in their recommendation.


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