November 2022 Statewide Tele-Town Hall Meeting

The monthly statewide Tele-Town Halls are public events where persons interested in the party can hear about the party's history and activities here in Georgia, and learn how to get involved.

This month's statewide Tele-Town Hall will provide an update on party activities here in Georgia, as well as commentary on current political topics such as election integrity, immigration, religious liberty, gun control, surveillance, taxation and debt.  Activists from around the state will give updates on what the party is doing.  But most importantly this will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the party.  

With the growing discontent with the two-party establishment, concerned voters are seeking out the Constitution Party.  This is an opportunity for supporters and activists to introduce friends and family to the party. 

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November 12, 2022 at 9:00am - 10am
CP-Ga Teleconference
CP-Ga Support · · (404) 994-3586
Cheri Whitney

Who's RSVPing

Skip Shirley
Valerie Simone
edward karecki
Jeff Zink
Virginia (Ginny) Choate
Thea Thompson
Janet Martz
Gabe Clavijo
Elizabeth Cowell
Michael Pons
Alex Brannen
Dean Antalik
Jim Hanson
Diane Cox
Cherie Werginz
Victor Tripp
Larry Hand
Sallie Williamson
Edward Murray Jr
Tim Suddreth
Julie Bailey
Debbie Norris
Karyl Asta
David gunter
J Michael Duffell

Will you come?

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    Please RSVP: November 2022 Constitution Party Statewide Tele-Town Hall Meeting #gapol #ccot #CP_Ga
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