The Answer to Gender Anarchy

Whitney-New-slider-1200x400.jpgAnyone objectively viewing the moral landscape of America for the past five decades cannot help but remark at the disaster that has befallen our land. This moral degradation of America is called by the left “liberty and justice” – it is anything but that. It is sexual anarchy. Webster’s 1828 defines anarchy as “Want of government; a state of society, when there is no law or supreme power, or when the laws are not efficient, and individuals do what they please with impunity; political confusion.”

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CP-Ga Wins Presidential Ballot Access Lawsuit

March 18, 2016
Contact:  Garland Favorito, Elections Director — 404-664-4044

(ATLANTA, GA) The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-Ga) and Green Party of Georgia have prevailed in their ballot access federal lawsuit against Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  Interest in the CP-Ga is at an all time high, and this victory provides a path to get the Party’s presidential candidate on the ballot in November.

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February 2016 Update

For Members and Fellow Supporters throughout the State and across the Nation

Dear Friend,

The 2016 election season is well under way with all the drama that comes with presidential politics.  Likewise our Georgia General Assembly is quickly moving to finish this session as political leaders position and prepare for the May general primary election.  In the world of politics we are indeed in the harvest season, and the Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-Ga) is hard at work in the field building a separate, unique, and distinct political party from the grassroots up!

In This Update

  • Party Building:  Fundraising and Membership
  • Do Christianity and Politics Mix?
  • Political Capital
  • Ballot Access in Georgia
  • Upcoming Events
  • SoS Elections Division Data Breach
  • Legislative Update
  • Commentary
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