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    Voting Experts Conclude Georgia's Voting Machines Unsafe, Unreliable For Use

    Contact: Christy Setzer, 617-512-7572

    Georgia Voters Call on SOS Kemp to Halt Use of Machines Ahead of June 20th Special Election, Use Paper Ballots Instead

    Atlanta, GA - With unprecedented national attention on the June 20th Special Election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, voting security experts are sounding the alarm that the state’s voting machines are painfully out of date and prone to error, and must be replaced with paper ballots to ensure accurate results in next month’s congressional election. A group of concerned Georgia citizens is calling on Secretary of State Brian Kemp to do just that. The experts note that not only are the machines unsafe and unreliable, there is no way to verify that the results reflect voters’ choices. The system has no paper audit trail to reference in the event of machine failure or malicious software manipulation.

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  • Trumped-Care: if at first you don’t fail, try, try again

    By Joel McDurmon, President of American Vision
    (Originally posted at AmericanVision.org on May 5, 2017)

    We previously discussed the fraud that has been “repeal and replace” ObamaCare. That fraud was rightly killed by the more conservative members of the House. Now Republican leadership has tweaked the fraud enough to convince enough of the holdouts to go “yea.” Now the House has passed a slightly modified version of the last slightly modified version of ObamaCare. A few comments...

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  • Bursting the Government Messiah Myth

    By David Whitney, Senior Instructor at Institute on the Constitution
    (Originally posted on TheAmericanView.com)

    DWhitney-74x75.jpgEver since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, people have been seeking salvation by every means other than by the One True God. One of the modern forms of idolatry is statism, the worship of human civil government as god. Some aspects of this idolatry is the propaganda that civil government cares for all your needs. In fact the lie is promoted that government can provide for not only all your needs but even for all your wants as well.

    Consider the current wrestling with the health care question. Think of the history of health care...

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