The War On Truth Documentary

The War on Truth PromoThe documentary “The War on Truth” (TWOT) directed by Chris Burgard is a thought-provoking film that delves into the events surrounding the alleged January 6th, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. The documentary focuses on the stories of ordinary Americans whose lives have been affected by the aftermath of the event, rather than the more sensationalized events that happened that day.

Twisted Accusations and Overzealous Prosecutions

TWOT highlights how federal prosecutors have exaggerated and twisted their accusations against many January 6th defendants, aiming to intimidate and silence half of the country. Instead of exploring the more conspiratorial aspects of the event, the film sheds light on the tragic stories of individuals whose lives have been upended by the Justice Department’s aggressive prosecutions.

Expert Testimony and Whistleblowers

TWOT features expert testimony from FBI whistleblowers Kyle Seraphin and Steve Friend, intelligence expert J. Michael Waller, and journalists Tayler Hansen and Julie Kelly. These individuals provide valuable insights and perspectives on the events surrounding January 6th and their impact on the lives of those affected the federal government's persecution.

Now the Truth Fights Back

Chris Burgard photoTWOT is a powerful call to action, encouraging viewers to stand up for truth and fight against the erosion of individual rights and freedoms. The documentary is a follow-up to Chris Burgard’s previous film, “Capitol Punishment,” and is a testament to the importance of seeking the truth and holding those in power accountable.

I asked Chris Burgard to be a guest on the June 15 Election Integrity Update to discuss TWOT, in particular the federal government's response after the 2020 presidential election is a textbook example of the kind of creeping authoritarianism common in the 20th century.  Everyone reading this blog post must play a part in fighting back for the truth!

The documentary was released in May, and you can help us fight back against the propaganda machine by watching and sharing with neighbors and friends.  The War on Truth is available today for purchase in DVD and video streaming formats, as well as rental.