Election Integrity Update - October 2

Ballot Scanning with No WitnessesDuring this video conference update Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VOTER GA) Executive Director Garland Favorito will provide an update on the lawsuit filed against certain Fulton County officials for constitutional violations and take questions. VOTER GA organized group of voters from around the state to file an emergency lawsuit against the Fulton County Elections Director and Election Board members. 

The Plaintiffs legal petition was accompanied by a Notice to Inspect all mail-in ballots. The notice seeks to visually inspect all mail-in ballots, rescan them for a forensic exam and to obtain electronic copies of the Dominion ballot images and standard election reports.

Garland will provide details on the status of the lawsuit, as well as answer your election integrity questions. The Constitution Party of Georgia supports the efforts of non-partisan groups like VOTER GA in advancing elections integrity efforts in our state.  To learn more about this lawsuit and how you can help VOTER GA in this critical election integrity effort RSVP today!  Once you register you will be emailed the conference call information.

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October 02, 2021 at 9:00am - 10:30am
CP-Ga Video Conference
CP-Ga Support · · (404) 994-3586

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    Please RSVP: Constitution Party of Georgia leadership will recap their election integrity efforts related to the presidential election, as well as answer questions regarding alleged election fraud. #gapol #ccot #CP_Ga https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/election_integrity_update_20211002?recruiter_id=5387302
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