Religious Liberty Assaulted Again Under Governor Deal’s watch

By Gerald Harris, Editor of The Christian Index
(Originally appeared in The Christian Index on April 24, 2017)

It has happened again. The Georgia state government has attempted to censor, silence, and repress a Christian for sharing the Gospel.

Chike Uzuegbunam, a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, was repeatedly prohibited from discussing his Christian faith on campus, even after he had obtained permission to do so in one of the school’s free-speech zones.

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Happy Thanksgiving to God America, Here is Your History!

Statistically speaking, American Millennials’ (ages 18-34) worst subject is history. Many know very little about our European ancestors, the Pilgrims, to whom the first Thanksgiving is attributed. These were the first Christian families to settle on the east coast of America. Contrary to modern-day teaching, the main purpose the Pilgrims came to America was NOT religious freedom. They had already gained religious freedom twelve years earlier, in 1608, when they fled England for Holland to escape the extreme persecution from a tyrannical King James I.

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How Should We Vote?

What should we do now that the elections are approaching? How should we act? What should we know? What should we ask? What are we looking for? And finally, knowing what we know (and don’t know), how should we then vote?

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