Georgia Voters File Legal Challenge To June 20 Special Election And Use Of Unsecured Voting System

Voters seek to sideline voting system, alleging indeterminable results

Atlanta (July 4, 2017)—Coalition for Good Governance and six Georgia voters filed a lawsuit yesterday, alleging that numerous failures of the voting system resulted in an indeterminable outcome in the June 20 Special Election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The lawsuit (Curling v. Kemp et al.), seeks to set aside the results of the Special Election because demonstrated voting system failures cause the reported results to be in considerable doubt. The lawsuit names Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the State Election Board, all county election officials conducting the Special Election, Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems, and its director, Merle King, as defendants. The plaintiffs requested a jury trial in the case.

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It's A Sign!

Why God's People Should Not Be Led by External Phenomenon

In the weeks following last year's Presidential election, I heard members of the Christian right referring to Donald Trump's victory as, “divine intervention,” “an act of God,” and “a miracle.” Article headlines read, “Trump: President by the sovereign intervention of God,” and “Signs Of Divine Intervention In Trump Victory.” One article ended by quoting 1 Thessalonians 4:16 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God” (emphasis mine). The Christian right was on an emotional high that ranged from exalted jubilation to giddy euphoria.

An item published on the website of Christian pollster, George Barna, stated, “In the eyes of Christians, God’s fingerprints are all over his (Trump's) victory.” The article went on to equate Trump's win with a miracle on the basis that it, “almost defies explanation; it makes little sense from a rational, empirical point of view. And that’s what a miracle is: God intervening to change our reality to align with His sovereign will.”

While reading one of these articles, it struck me that Christian people were taking the perceived improbability of Trump's election win as “a sign” of divine intervention, and therefore, as affirmation of Mr. Trump as “God's man” and of their choice in voting for him.

I'm not commenting on Mr. Trump, or even whether God was involved in the outcome of the election. What I am commenting on is the propensity of Christian people to look to the natural realm for circumstances and phenomena to subjectively interpret as being “signs” of divine intervention, and thus, of divine will, rather than looking to God's word and His indwelling Holy Spirit for clear direction without the need for external indicators.

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Voting Experts Conclude Georgia's Voting Machines Unsafe, Unreliable For Use

Contact: Christy Setzer, 617-512-7572

Georgia Voters Call on SOS Kemp to Halt Use of Machines Ahead of June 20th Special Election, Use Paper Ballots Instead

Atlanta, GA - With unprecedented national attention on the June 20th Special Election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, voting security experts are sounding the alarm that the state’s voting machines are painfully out of date and prone to error, and must be replaced with paper ballots to ensure accurate results in next month’s congressional election. A group of concerned Georgia citizens is calling on Secretary of State Brian Kemp to do just that. The experts note that not only are the machines unsafe and unreliable, there is no way to verify that the results reflect voters’ choices. The system has no paper audit trail to reference in the event of machine failure or malicious software manipulation.

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